Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wet N Wild Fergie: Dana

Yes, this post is written by me, but the title is because my mani of the week is a polish named Dana. It's one of the collection from Wet N Wild featuring Fergie.

The color is a really bright fuchsia purple. And let's be honest, I bought it 99% because of the name. Because I have a lot of similar colors, but when you come across a nail polish that has YOUR name attached to it, I bet you buy it too. Even if you don't like the color. I'm lucky that I do.

But let me just tell y'all. The brush in this polish? SUCKS. It's so wide I could nearly paint my thumb nail in one stroke. It did paint my ring and pinky fingers in one stroke. Notice I did not say nails. I said fingers. The cleanup was hell because the brush, it's just. Too. Damn. Big.

It was difficult fitting the brush back in the bottle!

But I persevered.

I took this in the car on the way out of town. At least I remembered to take this one!

This was supposed to be my Mani of the Week. But I was utterly unsurprised that after two days of this Wet N Wild mani, I had about 12 chips and one nail's worth of color half lifted. When I got home from my mini-road trip, I was so annoyed by it that I just took it off almost the second I walked in the door. Without pictures. I've already started a new mani in a lovely China Glaze color (hello, Bizarre Blurple!) but as this color bears my name, I have no doubt I will try it again with different base and top coats. I just hope I get different results.

Otherwise I may have to have a little talk with Fergie.

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