Monday, October 22, 2012

OPI Nail Apps Skulls

My goal this week was to try to do my first water marble. I failed miserably at it and I don't know why or what I did wrong. After about six attempts I got frustrated and gave up. So there.

I've had these nail apps sitting around for about six months now and I thought hey, they're skulls, Halloween is next week, I'm a quitter. Perfect time to give them a shot!

These are not the Pure Lacquer nail strips. Nor are they like Sally Hansen Salon Effects. It is not nail polish at all.

They're seriously just great big plastic stickers. There are sixteen in the pack; eight different sizes, two of each size. They're on a transparent piece of plastic so you can better gauge which size you need. Unless you're going to spend loads of time with a pair of scissors, you are not going to get anything near a precise fit. It will not cover the whole nail.

With that said, application is a cinch. Rub the back of the transparent plastic over the sticker you want to warm it up first, then lift it off and slap it on your nail. Try to keep it straight, try not to get air under it (rub that out as you go along, sort of like putting a protective cover on your cell phone screen). They're a good length, something like an inch, inch and a half, so longer nails will work with these as well.

You can see my nails are short so I have a lot of excess left. Just fold it down then use the included nail file in a straight downward motion to file away the leftovers. Do be careful that you're not filing away your nails as well. Take your time on this part because it can create rough tips and if it's not flat on the nail they'll bunch up and leave ripples.

This literally took me like 15 minutes. It was that fast. I did not go for any kind of precise fit on them, just slapped 'em on, so if you zoom to the larger view you'll see all kinds of gaps and edges that are missed. And yanno what? I don't care. Unless you get up on them, you'd never know. They look pretty darn cool. The only negative is my own fault. My nails aren't long enough to have room for the design to show on most of them so all people are going to see is black with some silver loops and miss the skulls completely.

I'm interested to see how long these hold up in day to day use. I imagine them buckling at the tip as soon as I get in the shower with them.


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