Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Case of the Disappearing Mani: Cirque French Roast

Immediate tangent. Every time I see the word “mani” I start talking like I'm from The Borderlands. Anyhow, read on, do ya I beg.

I'd been stalking the Cirque polishes website for a few weeks before I finally caved and ran giddily to PayPal. They shipped quickly (yay black tissue paper!) and my first choice was French Roast, a gorgeous multicolors-of-brown glitter that really does look like coffee. It goes on smoothly and the glitter layers up quickly. I could have gotten away with two coats but I went with three.

One coat

Two coats

I did the usual suspects of Seche Vite base and top coat, then toddled off to play some Sims. Six hours of bare use later, as I was putting away the last of my laundry, this happened:

I've had them pop off whole like that before but days later, not mere hours. I grabbed some base coat, reattached, and as I held out my hands to admire, the index finger on my right hand was missing its polish. The whole thing was gone. I'm betting I find it in my panties. Sigh, repaint, top coat...this happens:

Umm. Okay, it's still funny but it's quickly becoming not so much so. Again with the base coat glue and as it's bed time, there I went.

Fast forward eight hours. Up up sunshine, rub your eyes and get out of OMGDON'TDOTHAT! Another nail of polish comes off, quickly followed by two more. At this point I'm wondering how immature it is to call in sick so I can repaint. Base coat again and the true test—a shower!

I'm nearsighted. We do not wear our glasses in the shower. Well, you may, and I'm sorry but that's just silly. I glance down at the blurry tub floor and if that's not three brown bugs sitting there looking at me I'll be ever so grateful. I was. It was three more full fingers of polish. I check my hands and two more are missing, which I found in my hair. As I was looking, two more ran for the hills. I did my best impression of Brundlefly to remove the last three and went about my day.

It's like Lee Press-On Nails!

All day I'm thinking it had to be me, had to be something I did. I haven't seen one negative review for the Cirque polishes, especially not the whole manicure jumping off of my fingers less than twelve hours later. I get home from work, swab down with acetone, rough 'em and buff 'em, acetone again and start over. I chose different base and top coats to be sure, but it seems to have worked.

Two days later, it's still looking gorgeous. Every time I look at them I want a cuppa cawfee. I'm thinking it had to be this leave in conditioner I use, I must not have washed it off my hands and nails properly before I got started. It's great in the hair, not so much on my nails.

I'm also a psychic. That missing right index finger of polish really was in my panties.

Go buy the Cirque polishes, they're divine!


Click here for the update on this polish.


  1. are killing me! Lee press on nails, who knew you could make your own! LOL! :)

  2. Sooooo...should I call you Henchick or Cantab? :-) Love that color, it looks gorgeous on you.