Friday, October 26, 2012

Random Chat

Dana: hello
Dana: Ok, that is COOL AS HELL. I want one. Or five.
Jess: Won't load
Dana: ner.
Dana: it's a story about an artificial leaf made of silicon and other electronic bits. you float it in a gallon of water and it produces enough energy to basically run a small house.
Jess: Huh
Dana: so how you doing, pal
Jess: I'm k
Jess: tard
Dana: yeah. me too.
Jess: LOL
Jess: are you seriously not available or is this going through twenty times
Dana: i'm available. And I only got it once so far
Jess: stupid thing.
Dana: LOL
Previous message was not received by Jess because of error: User Jess is not available.
Dana: LOL
Dana: Ok, now you're the one not available
Jess: LOL we love aim

Dana: yes we do. Also I want Volkswagen's new SUV
Jess: why
Dana: a) it's cute 2) it's not enormous 3) it's supposed to get rockin' gas mileage
Dana: i want the blue one
Jess: It's cute. I'd want black lol
Dana: LOL it's not available. It was debuted in a brazilian car show. so it's probably a concept :/
Jess: figures
Dana: Headline from Car and Driver magazine's website:
Dana: Volkswagen Taigun Concept: Three Cylinders and Not Destined for U.S. Service
Jess: horray
Jess: nice
Jess: I'm gonna spell it that way from now on
Dana: yeah. it's a compact SUV, only three cylinders. they think Americans won't buy it because it's not big enough and screaming with tons of power
Jess: they probably wouldn't
Dana: I would. I would love to have an SUV but I don't want some big giant SUV
Jess: You're the one
Dana: it's cute. i'd totally drive it.
Jess: lol
Jess: I have a love/hate relationship with the sims forums. It's pointless asking for any kind of help there but I SO love being shitty to people for being stupid
Dana: LOL
Jess: I'm feeling like I should take the stickers off and paint up quick. The tips of them are rolled up and I keep playing with 'em, makin' 'em worse lol
Dana: so i tried to get the adsense account set up. It wouldn't let me complete the process on my tablet, which is where I finally got it to load
Jess: ok
Jess: why
Dana: and LOL yeah, that would make me nuts
Dana: I dunno. I couldn't get the cursor to land on a field that had to be filled out
Dana: now I can't get it to load again. LOL
Jess: I couldn't either. Maybe it's broken
Dana: maybe
Jess: Oh, are you using adblocker?
Dana: i don't think ...maybe I am. LOL
Jess: because I am and that's the first answer I just saw. adblocker kills it
Dana: LOL yes, I just stopped adblocker and now it's loaded
Jess: Hurrah!
Jess: better than horray? I DON'T THINK SO!
Dana: LOL
Jess: And no one ever answered my question about how to remove that effed up fourth account on the blog
Dana: ah well.
Dana: ok, here's what we have to agree to
Jess: Also, can we delete dana jess? I don't think we really need it anymore. Do you?
Dana: I agree that I will not click on the Google ads I'm serving through AdSense.
I will not place ads on sites that include incentives to click on ads.
I agree that I can receive payments made out to the payee name I have listed above.
I will not place ads on sites involved in the distribution of copyrighted materials.
I will not place ads on sites that include pornographic content.
I certify that I have read the AdSense Program Policies.
I do not already have an approved AdSense account. (Click here if you do.)
Jess: though I dunno if it will delete the older posts by it
Dana: I don't think we need it, but that's the account that owns the blog
Dana: i'm afraid the whole thing will go kablooey if we delete it
Jess: what if I want to click on an ad because it's pertinent to my interests and not to my bank account?
Dana: i think it says you have to google search for it rather than clicking through your own blog
Jess: that's stupid. I agree to everything but that. if it's a nail polish I want or something like that, I'm not searching stupid google to find it when the link is right there lol
Jess: I'll log out of the account first
Dana: there ya go
Jess: And LOL it won't matter anyhow because I won't SEE the ads. I use adblocker
Dana: OH. speaking of! I saw one on facebook tonight and I was lured into clicking on it and now I have new things on my wish list.
Jess: you need to get on the glitter frankens lol
Dana: i want candy apples & razors, Talk Purple to Me, Pumpkinhead, Clown Business...
Dana: I gotta find a good glitter source
Dana: ...and get my supplies.
Dana: also So Ghoul
Jess: they're cute, yes
Dana: clown business is the one that sucked me in. The description right there on the main page
Jess: which I of course did not read lol
Dana: LOL It's called Clown Business. the description on the main page is "Beep Beep, Richie!"
Jess: LOL!
Dana: then it says, "if you don't know the quote, you best get Googlin'!"
Jess: LOL sure that's not your site?
Dana: it's not. i wish it was!
Dana: here's the big description:
Dana: This fun nail polish was inspired by a movie that is more than likely the reason I have issues with clowns today.
My older sister sure got in trouble for making me watch it with her. I'm serious, my mom couldn't even take me to McDonald's for a while.
Hope you love "IT!"
Jess: LOL
Jess: brb
Dana: k
Jess: i just peeled all my stickers off. couldn't take it
Dana: yeah, i bet they were annoying you
Dana: i'm trying to find a better source of nail polish bottles for cheap-ish
Jess: good luck
Dana: lol I found 'em from China!! 12 cents each!
Dana: the problem is, you gotta buy like...20,000 of them at once.
Jess: LOL I guess if that works for you
Dana: lol um. no
Dana: they're cheaper here than they are on tkbtrading if you're buying small quantities. you get up to 85, 90 bottles, and tkb is cheaper
Jess: I was actually on there and don't remember why I didn't buy them
Dana: i dunno
Jess: i'm sure there was a reason that seemed perfectly logical at the time lol
Dana: lol
Dana: the shipping was probably prohibitive. it's only free after 99 bucks
Dana: lol that would be it. i tested by putting 50 bottles in my cart. comes up to 20 bucks for bottles. shipping is 20.68
Jess: wow lol
Dana: lol right
Dana: we have no post for today. LOL maybe i'll gather up my new stuff and do a haul post
Jess: I have one. I just ripped off stickers and did a new polish lol
Dana: LOL there ya go then :D
Dana: what color?
Dana: oh that's gorgeous
Jess: yes. it was sitting next to the opi magnetics. which I looked at, then looked at the clock, and grabbed the nubar lol
Dana: lol right
Jess: Awww!
Dana: i'm about half an inch from buying those
Jess: I always rip those. Always
Dana: they're so cute though. lol
Jess: LOL do you know how many times I've almost bought that? A lot.
Dana: really?
Jess: Yes. Just to see how it worked lol
Dana: lol
Dana: god. i'm looking at the ebay store of the person selling those hello kitty things and omg could i want more colors?
Jess: enchantedbeautyspot? Oh yes. lol
Dana: yeah
Jess: I've ordered there before. They're pretty good.
Dana: cool. they do free shipping, 5.50 a bottle for most of what i've seen so far
Jess: Yep. But not all of it's a deal. There are some that are cheaper elsewhere. Just do some comparison before you buy
Dana: yeah, i know. i always do
Dana: ok, i'm about to buy one based solely on the name of the polish
Jess: which is?
Dana: Lorelei's Tiara
Jess: why?
Dana: lol you have not seen Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, have you
Jess: Nope
Jess: I own that polish tho lol
Dana: LOL marilyn monroe plays a character named Lorelei Lee
Dana: she ends up having some kind of almost-affair with this old british guy
Dana: his wife has a tiara that she covets. and she sort of steals it
Dana: lol
Jess: Oh. Nope, LOL I wouldn't have known. It was an impluse buy on an auction, I snagged it for less than $3
Dana: nice
Jess: That is the second time you've shown me that. You should just buy it lol
Dana: lol is it? because i love it
Jess: It is. I almost bought it and didn't like two days before you showed it to me. And I still didn't.
Dana: lol why not
Jess: I forgot about it, tbh.
Jess: LOL yep, that's the other one in the set you showed me the last time
Dana: do you have galaxy girl?
Jess: Yes
Jess: And another one
Dana: lol it looks like you
Dana: space cadet?
Jess: yep lol
Dana: lol nice
Dana: there's only one of that collection that i'm not being goggly eyed over
Jess: which? I don't remember them all til you say it to me lol
Dana: Rocket Science. it's the yellowish greenish one
Jess: I don't remember it, apparently. Link?
Jess: It looks kinda like pee
Jess: I'd wear it though lol
Jess: I just wouldn't buy it
Dana: lol pee?!?
Dana: i wouldn't wear it
Jess: LOL I would. Why not? If it came with something else I wanted I'd take it but not something I'd seek out, no
Dana: lol i wouldn't wear it. colors like that don't look good with my skin
Jess: See, I don't ever pay attention to that. I just wear what I think is fun that week lol
Dana: lol
Jess: There. two posts today. lol
Jess: No post on sundays!
Dana: lol since when?
Jess: Since the post office was started, silly
Jess: I forgot to tag the last one. damn
Dana: lol
Dana: that is just a gorgeous holographic
Jess: Ain't it? lol
Jess: Say. when do the tags start clouding?
Dana: they already are. See how the word Glitter is HUGE but the aurora boreal is tiny?
Jess: yeah. but it's still sort of just in a list.
Dana: lemme go look and see if the format can be changed
Dana: ugh. Ok, that was a bad change
Jess: LOL what'd you do
Dana: had it sort by frequency instead of alphabetically
Dana: look before i change it
Jess: neh, I dun like that lol
Jess: I thought it was gonna be like that pic you found.
Dana: it's changed back. and I dunno when or if it will be cloud shaped. it might be something that's part of this simple layout
Jess: oh. oh well. still better than a huge long list
Dana: yeah. i'll look at some other layouts tomorrow and see if I can figure out how to get it to be cloud shaped
Jess: Are the ads on the page?
Dana: no, i couldn't get it to accept. LOL I don't know what the hell happened
Jess: huh
Jess: stupid thing
Dana: it's on the right side
Jess: WANT
Dana: it works in wordpress. dunno about blogger
Dana: i'm reading
Dana: this is old instructions for how to do cumulus in blogger. I don't know if it still works, i can't get the flash box to animate myself
Jess: I can't see it either
Jess: LOL maybe it's adblock
Dana: it's not. it's old and things have changed. i'm still looking
Jess: is that the same thing? lol
Dana: i would say probably yes it is
Jess: it's working on the side of her page tho
Dana: the side of whose page?
Jess: the one I linked you to
Dana: oh. i don't see one. just the one in the middle of the post
Jess: should I try it?
Dana: oh, so there is. and yes, why not
Jess: k
Dana: maybe we should make it blue instead of purple though?
Dana: should I find a hex code for a blue?
Jess: find me the hex...yes lol
Dana: ok. the adsense is awaiting approval and could be 48 hours before we get ads
Jess: oh. okay well that's something
Dana: do we want something darker than our background? or similar
Jess: that's your department lol
Dana: how do I find the page source info
Dana: on firefox. LOL
Jess: right click
Dana: thanks. I think we should stick with the color it is now
Jess: It says find the code in your edit HTML, right? that code isn't there
Dana: i don't know, I didn't read it that close
Jess: well it says you're supposed to go the page's html source code, find a specific string of code, and paste the other stuff below it. that specific string of code isn't in the html
Dana: LOL of course it's not. Neither are the hex color codes of what's already there
Dana: what string are you looking for?
Jess: lol I can't paste it here
Jess: it's got html in it
Jess: I just tried like four times before I realized it
Jess: It's not there tho. I used the find thingy and no hits
Dana: #66bbdd is the blue color
Dana: fack. LOL i don't know enough about this stuff anymore.
Jess: wait I may have found something
Dana: is it the section that says b: section-contents id=sidebar
Jess: right-1 or left-1?
Dana: i'm looking at that whole section. that lists all the widgets
Jess: starting with adsense?
Dana: right-1
Jess: LOL yes, it goes right after that. since you're there, go for it
Dana: yes. the tags are called Labels. and LOL what am I going for?
Jess: that second big set of code goes in there. right after the right-1
Jess: don't forget to change the font color. And once it works, you can get rid of the other tag cloud widget
Dana: ok. Do I want to put the code down in the current tag section, or right below sidebar-right-1
Dana: because i'm afraid if I put it right under that line, it will move the tag cloud above the ebates thing
Jess: Nope. put it where you want it on the sidebar, I'd assume.
Dana: ok. lemme add it in, then get out of the editing, and you can look
Jess: so I guess where the other tag is
Dana: then if it works, we'll remove the other one
Jess: you can preview it yourself
Jess: I mean, LOL I wanna see it but if it's working, go ahead and do it. You don't gotta jump in and out
Dana: DUDE IT worked
Jess: YES!!
Dana: I gotta change the color
Jess: LOL yes. And rid us of the boring one!
Jess: Good job, you
Dana: ok, wtf
Dana: i went back and that code is gone
Dana: i'm reverting to default and starting over
Jess: k
Dana: ok, it's saving. I'm going to go back into the design page to remove the regular tags section
Jess: k
Dana: gah no!! it's gone
Jess: Uh oh :-(
Dana: hang on. i'll get it back
Jess: I still see it
Dana: well there it is, big as life. where'd my cloud go
Jess: Nope, now I don't have it.
Jess: LOL
Dana: ok. I removed the whole tag gadget so I lost both of them
Jess: Are the tags all still there? lol
Dana: lol i don't know. I may have effed it up :/
Dana: they're there. just not listed in the sidebar
Jess: I still see the regular tag list we always had. Below the post list now
Dana: is it still there?
Dana: oh sweet jesus, thank you
Jess: LOL
Jess: yes. the old one, not the new one
Dana: that's ok. I can work with that
Dana: ok, go
Jess: YES!!!
Dana: yes??
Dana: LOL i am not, how many times did I think I effed it up
Dana: but thanks. LOL I'm excited!
Dana: I copied and pasted someone else's work!
Jess: lol yOU ARE oh. so.
Jess: LOL hey, that works.
Dana: :D
Dana: it's beautiful. I love it
Jess: I like the way when you point to one it turns black in a box. that's a goodun
Dana: yeah, that's nice. I like how if you put your mouse at a top corner or a bottom corner, the whole cloud rotates in a lovely circle
Dana: from making it spin? I KNOW
Dana: and even when you move your mouse, it keeps spinning
Jess: tHAT IS THE BEst find ever. lol dammit
Dana: oh, it's love
Dana: LOL i'm excited
Jess: LOL me toooooooooooooooo
Dana: LOL why do I feel like this should be a "random conversation" post?!?!
Jess: LOL it willlllllllll
Dana: LOL
Dana: are you copy/saving?
Jess: yep. You can do it if you wanna tho
Jess: I did just do two. I was going to post it from danajess
Dana: (totally random side note-this is one of my favorite friends scenes. "you're just saying that because you're in love with Yasmeen Bleeth." "Well how can anyone not be in love with yasmeen bleeth??"
Jess: LOL Yes, I think you explained that one to me the last time you showed me those orlys
Dana: yes, you do it. I will forget or something
Jess: ok
Dana: and LOL yeah, they rerun this show a lot
Jess: I know it. Yanno which one I always see when I bother to try it out?
Dana: which
Jess: Something about jennifer aniston and joey hooking up in a hotel
Dana: ner. I don't like that one
Jess: while they're on vacation or something
Dana: they all go down to like Bermuda or somewhere because Ross is the keynote speaker of a paleontology convention
Jess: Yep, that's it
Dana: joey takes his girlfriend Charlie and they end up splitting up and she starts hooking up with Ross and Rachel, meanwhile, is jonesing after Joey
Dana: i bookmarked this page because it looks like there's all kinds of little tweaks for blogger
Jess: which?
Dana: the one that had the cloud code
Dana: like search engine optimization so you get more hits
Jess: Ah, okay. Work on that since you can't walk lol
Jess: And then figure out why my water marble didn't work lol
Dana: Lol i will tomorrow.
Dana: lol i'll try
Dana: I love how we both had mani of the week posts that lasted two days. And got replaced by perfectly gorgeous manicures
Jess: LOL right.
Dana: it's weird, man. on the same week
Dana: yanno what's missing? the facebook and twitter thingies
Dana: where did the facebook and twitter thingies go
Jess: LOL Oh yep, those are gone
Dana: i was gonna twitter your nubar
Jess: that sounds so dirty lmao
Dana: LOL pervis
Jess: why yes
Dana: In which Jess's OPI Nail Apps fail and are replaced by this gorgeous #Nubar polish #twogirlsoneobsession #manicure
Dana: now my 37 followers will fail to flock to the blog
Dana: LOL
Jess: LOL you hashtagged us
Dana: yes I did!
Jess: LOL
Jess: also, did you put that widget back in? Is the other one gone?
Dana: I put the twitter/facebook thing back. and which other one is gone?
Dana: i think i put the twitter/facebook one in the wrong spot. i think it was below the tag cloud before
Jess: the one that was in there before. Because LOL I don't like that one. :-( It's got that stupid advertisement for that appointment gadget on it and it annoys me. Am I being a pain?
Dana: no, i put the same one back in. is there another one? i can try to find it
Jess: That's the one you put in originally yes. That's not the one that's been there for the past few weeks. LOL I changed it for another 'cause that thing annoyed me for no obvious reason
Dana: it annoys me too, but i can't find the one you changed it out with
Jess: It's in that list. LOL I just don't remember where
Dana: i'm gonna get out. i took the other one off, if you wanna try to find it go ahead. because i've gone through all of 'em and i can't find it
Jess: lol ok
Dana: i'm going to just look at the tag cloud.
Jess: lol
Dana: there's how to do a bunch of custom ones
Dana: twitter, facebook, digg, stumble upon
Dana: there's another that is super-customizable
Jess: LOL are those ones you want to use?
Dana: I just think the more options we have, the more chances we have to get shared and thereby famous, LOL
Jess: Well then you get to do them lol
Dana: LOL ok. I'll bookmark and work on it tomorrow. I'm tired as hell
Jess: I found Sociable, but it's not doing the layout right. And I didn't find the other one I had yet. So go for it.
Jess: And me, too. LOL It's past my bedtime
Jess: {{{{{{{{{{{{Dana}}}}}}}}}}
Dana: okey dokey. I'll work on it. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Jess}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}]
Jess: have a fun lol
Dana: thankee sai
Jess: Toodles. :-)
Dana: byeeeee

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