Sunday, October 14, 2012

Update: Ludurana Water Marble

I LOVED this water marble manicure. I got so many compliments on it--from the ladies I work with, the check out girl at the grocery store. It was completely worth the time and effort. And it held up remarkably well. As you'll soon see, I can be incredibly rough on a manicure, and I'm not much for touch ups and fixing. Once it starts to look bad, it's gone. But this one, I held onto for an extra day. And to be honest, it didn't look bad until the last day, when polish lifted on two nails, I got tired of catching it on stuff, and I peeled the loose part off.  Here it is on Day 5...
The thumb and first finger are the two where the polish lifted. I was having some issues getting my pictures taken, as you will soon see.  (also, the blue glass in the sink? Belongs to my cat, Gizmo. He drinks so much water he gets his own separate drinking container in the sink. It's weird but it makes my life SO much easier.)

Here's the other hand. It worked out fairly well, no major chipping or lifting issues. I did have some tip wear, but I type for 10 hours a day at work, so if that's my biggest problem, I count myself lucky.

 ...And as I was taking my pictures, Gizmo hopped up to get a drink and decided to help. Just as I touched the "take the picture now!" button, he head butted the phone, resulting in a lovely photo of my feet and blue leopard print PJ bottoms. Thanks, Giz!

Bottom line...I highly recommend you try this water marble. The Ludurana held up beautifully. I think the lifting polish I experienced has more to do with me than anything to do with the polish. Or it was caused by my NFL Saints black polish base coat. Either way, I'd do this one again in a minute if I didn't have so many other colors waiting for me to show them some love!



  1. It still looks pretty good. I was just sitting here complaining how expensive and HTF they are, then randomly checked Llarowe who has five of them back in stock. And five of the holos. I'm desirous... lol

  2. Honestly grab those five--it's nice to have the collection, but the sixth one is incredibly similar to Fascinante. They're both a coppery main color but with slightly different duochrome shades. Once I put them in the water, I couldn't see much of a difference between them.