Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How You Know You MAY Be Obsessed

I started to update my polish list a little while ago. I realized it's been a couple of weeks since my last update, so I set about gathering up the new bottles. And then those other new bottles. And aren't there a couple in that bag over there..yep, got it. Wait, what about those others that I showed off at work the other day?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Update: Stunning Blurple

Howdy! Sorry this update's a little out of order. I was so excited about my Starry Starry Night dupe, I skipped completely over talking about how the Stunning Blurple lasted. The answer to that is...actually very well. Until the day I needed it to fall apart so that I wouldn't feel guilty destroying a perfectly gorgeous manicure so I'd have an excuse for a new one. That is, the day my franken supplies arrived!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Cat's Eyes Like A Three-Year-Old

I thought I'd try to get all creative for Halloween and do some cat's eyes. I no experience with nail art and the outcome proves it but I'm still going to wear it.

My inspiration was seeing this manicure on and then seeing China Glaze's Cat's Eye nail polish. It really is the gold color of a cat's eye, most notably a black cat (of which I have four) so I thought I'd give it a shot.

Figuring I'd do the middle and ring fingers as the eyes, I blacked out the other three nails and used the ChG Cat's Eye on those two.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Update: Nubar Reclaim

Color = stunning. Quality = meh. I made it through the first day unscathed but the second was taxing and on the third I gave up. This is the fourth day.

Not great, no. Good for a mid-week replacement but definitely wouldn't go the distance.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Two Girls, One Imitation on a Starry Starry Night

I got my franken polish supplies on Friday.
A curious kitty wants to know if it's a present for him!
I couldn't wait and ripped right into them. My goal? A common one, for a lot of us polish fanatics who showed up a little late to the create my own version of Essie Starry Starry Night. I pulled up a few swatch pictures on my tablet, propped it up next to me for inspiration and jumped right in.

Shipping Woes the Third

Seriously, WTF is going on with the post office? I've had two bum deliveries in two days. And I didn't even get the courtesy of a "damaged in transit" envelope!

"Contents" at the top, torn envelope bottom right. Yeesh.

I opened my mailbox today and that's what I saw. I'd ordered a couple of things off eBay and that's how it showed up. The invoice was missing, so I had to check eBay to be sure nothing had been taken. The envelope was ripped at the bottom and the polish was just shoved toward the back of the mailbox. I guess I should be glad it even showed up, but c'mon, USPS! This is getting a little ridiculous.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Random Chat

Dana: hello
Dana: Ok, that is COOL AS HELL. I want one. Or five.
Jess: Won't load
Dana: ner.
Dana: it's a story about an artificial leaf made of silicon and other electronic bits. you float it in a gallon of water and it produces enough energy to basically run a small house.
Jess: Huh
Dana: so how you doing, pal
Jess: I'm k
Jess: tard
Dana: yeah. me too.
Jess: LOL
Jess: are you seriously not available or is this going through twenty times
Dana: i'm available. And I only got it once so far
Jess: stupid thing.
Dana: LOL
Previous message was not received by Jess because of error: User Jess is not available.
Dana: LOL
Dana: Ok, now you're the one not available
Jess: LOL we love aim

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Shipping Woes, Yep

It must have been the day USPS decided to mess up everyone's nail polish orders. I wonder how they coordinate something like that on a massive scale?

My issue was with my first ever Llarowe order. It's totally not their fault and I don't hold it against them. They just redid the site's layout (and a fantastic job it is) so I can't immediately find this but on the old site in big red print was a warning about how they offer free signature release on every delivery but they won't add it on unless you tell them to and that things have been getting stolen during shipping lately. I don't generally think about thievery during shipping as I do most of my purchasing with PayPal, who covers the loss, but I figured why not take the signature release? It's free!

It's a darn good thing I did!

Shipping Woes

Last month on Facebook, there was a little thing where if 100,000 people "liked" Model's Own brand nail polish by a certain date, they would put up a coupon code for 50% off as a thank you for all the likes. I'd been coveting their Beetlejuice polishes but with the exchange rate between dollars and pounds, I was too cheap to do anything about it.

But they got their 100,000 likes, and I jumped. The shipment FINALLY arrived at my house, but it required a signature and I apparently wasn't home (or my mailman didn't bother to knock, either way). I trucked myself off to the post office today to pick up my package, hurried back home, and ripped into the box. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nubar Reclaim

Because I couldn't take the stickers anymore. Thank goodness for fast dry top coats.

A beautiful green linear holographic. And that's a stupid blurry pic of it. That's obviously indoors under the light. But oh lovelies...

Update: OPI Nail Apps Skulls

Okay, so I was wrong. It was two days before the tips started rolling up and annoying the heck out of me. Visually they were not bad at all. If I had any kind of tolerance I could have left them on for probably two more days without too much of an issue. I just couldn't take it any more.

I did say I put them on rather fast. Probably too fast. I had some built in buckling from the get go because of it. Also the tips were sort of rough and lol rather a bit sticky. That's what I get for being mad and blowing it off.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Stunning Blurple

And now for the real Mani of the Week, since my namesake polish failed me after just two days! I'd been looking for the China Glaze Wicked lacquer colors, their Halloween collection, and they just weren't showing up in my local stores. About a week ago, I found a place online that was selling the 6-bottle collection for a very good price, so I jumped on it. Naturally I went into Sally Beauty the next day and there they all were, but I saved a lot of cash by getting them online. Enough to buy the Ghoulish Glow separately and still feel like I got a bargain, even. Get on with my frugal self!

When it came time to choose my color, of course I was drawn to Bizarre Blurple. Purple is my favorite color, and I tend to favor purple or blue nail polish. Bizarre Blurple was perfect. But I wanted to jazz it up. I do love the sparkle, yo.

Monday, October 22, 2012

OPI Nail Apps Skulls

My goal this week was to try to do my first water marble. I failed miserably at it and I don't know why or what I did wrong. After about six attempts I got frustrated and gave up. So there.

I've had these nail apps sitting around for about six months now and I thought hey, they're skulls, Halloween is next week, I'm a quitter. Perfect time to give them a shot!

These are not the Pure Lacquer nail strips. Nor are they like Sally Hansen Salon Effects. It is not nail polish at all.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

We're not internationally known...

..or ARE WE? :)

I just want to take a minute to say Welcome! to everyone who has stopped by. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when I see the blog stats--the number of hits, the country you're in, all that good stuff. We've had visitors from the UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Maylasia, Canada and Russia, among others.

But there's something I have to say:

We're just curious, so whoever is showing up from Russia...welcome, and what's up? You've made a ton of hits on the site and we'd like you to say hello!! Leave us a comment, won't you?

Wet N Wild Fergie: Dana

Yes, this post is written by me, but the title is because my mani of the week is a polish named Dana. It's one of the collection from Wet N Wild featuring Fergie.

The color is a really bright fuchsia purple. And let's be honest, I bought it 99% because of the name. Because I have a lot of similar colors, but when you come across a nail polish that has YOUR name attached to it, I bet you buy it too. Even if you don't like the color. I'm lucky that I do.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Chinese Finger Soakers (Part 3) vs. The Foil Method

I'm thinking this will be my last post relating to this. I can't see why I'd do another. LOL I'm sure we're all grateful for it, too.

China Glaze Fortune Teller was the experiment this week. I chose to do the manicure twice, not only because of the issues I had with it, but also to conduct this little versus experiment just to see which worked better and hopefully come to a final decision as to which method I felt was the better choice.

First off, the CFSs work much better on a polish that isn't all glitter. I feel certain that if I had done the Cirque French Roast removal with pure acetone that it would have gone this way as well. And next time I wear a chunky all glitter polish I'll try out the foil method but I'll throw it in the update for that polish and link back here.

Update: China Glaze Fortune Teller

I did this manicure twice this week. The first one has been previously posted. Because of the extra effort I put into that one, it did not last. At all. I used Essie's Matte About You over it and I'm not saying it's a crappy matte-er but it sure did me no favors.

This is the first and second day combined. I have a bad habit of forgetting to take photos before I do touch ups. That inset right in the middle is my left pointer finger. That chip and the thumbnail that the arrow is pointing to on the same hand (zoom in, you'll see where it is) happened on the very first day. The larger picture is the end of the second day. It gets so much worse.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Update: Essie Play Date

I managed to keep my Essie Play Date mani looking good for 4 days. Woohoo!

Unfortunately, Day 5 was not my friend. I don't know what I did--nothing struck me as being particularly traumatic--but I knocked a big chunk out of the end of my right thumbnail. I was still loving the color, so I decided I would go against my nature and try to repair it. I got my bottle of Play Date and dabbed delicately at the bare spot in the midst of layers of polish. After that dried, I dabbed on another layer, then I took my Nutra-Nail Instant Smudge Repair and painted it on, melting the surface of the top coat so that new and old polish could bond together

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I hate minis.

I can never get a nice even coat with 'em, I always smutch it up. And it just doesn't seem like enough polish. Greedy, I am. Possibly Yoda, too.

Like any other perfectly normal beast who likes nail polish to this degree, I decided to try my hand at making my own version of Starry Starry Night. I bought some stuff, mixed it up, and while it wasn't too bad and (I think) mostly matches, it still didn't seem quite on to me. I bought me some frankening products, yo. That's right, two franken posts in a row! So there!

I purchased from Mymix Cosmetics aka TKB Trading and really only got a few basics to make that one polish. That was my main goal. My secondary was to try and find a cure for my mini-hate. See how I brought that back around?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Franken Polish

It's on, kids...I ordered a small mountain of supplies and as soon as that box gets to me, I'm going to try my hand at custom polishes. I can't wait...I'M GONNA DO SCIENCE!

Stay tuned!

China Glaze Fortune Teller

I really want China Glaze Black Magic. I mean, really. A lot. Of course, it's not for sale anywhere so I went looking for alternatives. Good alternatives. China Glaze has its own in Fortune Teller. Black jelly base, small orange glitter. Black Magic's glitter is actually even smaller, but I'll take what I can get. Which wasn't Fortune Teller either because that one is an exclusive as well and I couldn't find it for sale. I've seen other versions but none of them really captured my attention the way these two did. Especially when you add a matte top coat. Le gasp! It was love. It looks like a banked fire just waiting to be brought back to life. I love love love.

I also love ebay. Say what you will about people charging exorbitant prices but if some fool (read: me) is willing to pay well then it's worth the sale. It was bound to happen that someone would list one of them and sure enough Fortune Teller showed up. Now, if you've seen this on my list you'll know there may be an issue with it.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Essie Play Date

This is my first Essie purchase. I know! How have I been a nail polish junkie for so long, and never bought an Essie?

Well, I'll tell you. It's been pretty easy. I'm drawn to super-bright, sparkly, shimmery, metallic, or dark colors. In short, everything a lot of Essie's colors are not. When I look at the Essie display at my local Walgreen's, I feel like I've stepped into The Gap. Fourteen shades of beige, you know? I always miss the brights, which are lower in the display, and end up distracted by a neighboring glitter. Ooh, shiny!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Update: Ludurana Water Marble

I LOVED this water marble manicure. I got so many compliments on it--from the ladies I work with, the check out girl at the grocery store. It was completely worth the time and effort. And it held up remarkably well. As you'll soon see, I can be incredibly rough on a manicure, and I'm not much for touch ups and fixing. Once it starts to look bad, it's gone. But this one, I held onto for an extra day. And to be honest, it didn't look bad until the last day, when polish lifted on two nails, I got tired of catching it on stuff, and I peeled the loose part off.  Here it is on Day 5...
The thumb and first finger are the two where the polish lifted. I was having some issues getting my pictures taken, as you will soon see.  (also, the blue glass in the sink? Belongs to my cat, Gizmo. He drinks so much water he gets his own separate drinking container in the sink. It's weird but it makes my life SO much easier.)

Here's the other hand. It worked out fairly well, no major chipping or lifting issues. I did have some tip wear, but I type for 10 hours a day at work, so if that's my biggest problem, I count myself lucky.

 ...And as I was taking my pictures, Gizmo hopped up to get a drink and decided to help. Just as I touched the "take the picture now!" button, he head butted the phone, resulting in a lovely photo of my feet and blue leopard print PJ bottoms. Thanks, Giz!

Bottom line...I highly recommend you try this water marble. The Ludurana held up beautifully. I think the lifting polish I experienced has more to do with me than anything to do with the polish. Or it was caused by my NFL Saints black polish base coat. Either way, I'd do this one again in a minute if I didn't have so many other colors waiting for me to show them some love!


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Update: Sally Hansen Lustre Shine Moonstone

Average all the way around for me. Just get it out there right now. I don't know what it is about me and Sally. I had this problem with the Lustre Shine Lava when I wore it, too. No pics or review on that one, either, it was pre-blog. Perhaps Dana will hook us up, I certainly won't wear it again any time soon.

Four days later. I had a chip the very first day. I'm also one of those ones who tries to make a manicure last a whole week, so I tend to spackle and putty chips and cracks. Which probably makes it look worse most of the time but I just. Don't. WANNA do it more than once a week. Such a pain. Perhaps I need to let that thinking go. But I digress. A very average polish. I've had worse, I have a whole lot better. If you like it, and have better times with this brand than I do, go for it. If not, wait for a lovely sale.


Friday, October 12, 2012

Sally Hansen Lustre Shine Moonstone

Not exactly my usual type of color, admittedly. I tend to stick to darker shades and a lot of black. I was goth before it was called goth, okay.

Moonstone is your typical mother of pearl, seashell, whitepinkbluegreen color change polish. If you have something similar, you aren't missing out on much. I also can't catch all the colors because well...okay, I didn't try very hard either. Considering it's like so many other polishes I didn't deem it worth the effort of trying to find angles in sun. Pssh. It's a smooth application and of course very sheer.

one coat

two coats
Dry time is average but I rushed a bit and got a few bubbles on that thumbnail. I think I was trying to build up layers faster because seeing the nail line irritates me for some reason. I dunno. It didn't matter anyhow because even after three coats I can still see it, and that's where I stopped.

It's very pretty for something I don't normally wear. I have really poor luck with Sally Hansens though so I fully expect this to start peeling and chipping almost immediately. I don't know why Ms. Hansen and I can't get along for more than twenty-four hours. I hope I'm wrong. We'll see in the update.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Additions and Ramblings

Jess texted a photo to me a couple of days ago--a bottle of nail polish with a sale price and the name of the store where she found it. Off I went to my local Walgreen's, where I discovered the Sally Hansen Salon Manicure inventory was being (mostly) cleared out. New colors coming in, I guess? They had a huge selection and I ended up bringing a bag full of new babies home. They've been added to my polish list if you're curious. I also got a couple of Essie colors that I've picked up and put down a dozen times in the last month. They're my first Essie colors. One of them (probably Play Date) will be my next mani when I'm done with the Ludurana water marble.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Chinese Finger Soakers, Part 2

Here I am, back for round two. If you haven't read my first attempt at using these, just know that it was sort of a fail and that I thought it was mostly my fault for using the wrong thing.

My most recent manicure was the Rockstar Nails Chocolate Empire all glitter indie from Etsy. Extremely thick mani, if I had waited another day I'm sure the rest of the polish shells would have come off on their own. But it's for science!

I hustled myself to Sally Beauty and bought a giant bottle of pure acetone for use this time. And like three more bottles of nail polish. Wait, I bought a few Sally Girls. I don't think those should even count, I tell ya! They're so small! Came home, laid out my supplies again and prepared for round two. This time without color in my hair.

I don't think it was my fault the first attempt didn't work.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Rockstar Nails Chocolate Empire

So I'm a great aunt, right?, no. I don't mean I'm terrific as an aunt. I am though. What I mean is that my niece and nephew have children. When my niece had her son, she chose theme colors for his...what? Room? Clothes? Life? I dunno. It's been the same colors for all of the parties since before his birth. I wonder if he even likes them.

I was recently searching for Mardi Gras themed glitter nail polish and found some on Etsy. I swore I would never shop there for reasons I will not get in to, but I couldn't resist this polish. While searching, I found a completely different polish that I had no idea why it was called Mardi Gras, because the colors were wrong. Traditionally, Mardi Gras colors are purple, green and gold. Still, this polish implanted itself in the back of my mind and would not let go. I knew I was going to have to buy it. And neither of these polishes are what this post is about. I like to spiral in toward my point.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Ludurana Water Marble

I was so excited to get my Ludurana Aurora Boreal nail polish! I bought it with the express purpose of trying out this manicure. I love the look of water marbles. If you know how to do them, skip the video. If you're new to water marble, this is a good tutorial:

There are a kabillion tutorials on YouTube. Some of these people are so creative and talented. The designs they're able to make astound me! I was going for an oil-slick look, completely inspired by a picture I saw on Pinterest. Jess, miracle worker that she is, found the source of the photo: Esmaltas Da Kelly. Fair warning, the site is in Portuguese, but the photos are so lovely, I think it's worth a look anyway. There's always Google Translate!

Chinese Finger Soakers, Part 1

Glitter nail polish is beautiful, fun, dynamic, creative and a complete pain to remove. I have so many of them and am so hesitant to use them because I absolutely loathe the cleanup. It gets everywhere, I find it days later. On my toes. Even though it was on my fingers.

This is why god invented Google.

A search for "easy way to remove glitter nail polish" (you don't even have to type the whole thing, it suggests it before you get to the L in glitter--common problem, see) turned up this little gem. I was ecstatic. I also haven't tried it yet because linked in that video is this:

Even better! Less mess and waste! I ordered them before the video was even finished. It did take a month to get to me but as soon as they did I loaded up the test manicure, Cirque French Roast. I dumped some color in my hair, set out my supplies and got to work.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dana's Polish List

China Glaze
  • 108 Degrees 
  • Avalanche 
  • Awakening 
  • Bizarre Blurple (Halloween 2012) (seen here)
  • Blue Without U 
  • Branding Iron 
  • Cast A Spell (Halloween 2012)
  • Coconut Kiss
  • Cowgirl Up 
  • Crown Jewels 
  • Crystal Ball 
  • Deviantly Daring
  • Dorothy Who? 
  • Dusk 
  • Fairy Dust 
  • First Class Ticket 
  • Flip Flop Fantasy 
  • Flying Dragon 
  • Fresh Start 
  • Grape Crush 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Update: Cirque French Roast

So we're going to have a series of posts that are just updates on a polish or manicure we talked about in previous posts that will give details on how long it lasted, how much chipping and fixing, etc. I had this at the end of the original but Dana suggested we make them completely new posts and I agree. Anyhow.

Considering its rocky beginning the Cirque French Roast held up phenomenally. The issues really were my fault. This photo is four days after the second attempt and as you can see it still looks outstanding. I did have one small chip on that thumb there, there's some tip wear, and the edges are starting to pull up a little. These are not complaints, they're all things I expect after a few days of wear. Compared to other polishes' wear, I'd give this one about a 9 on a 10 max scale of awesome.


Jess's Polish List

As of November 9, 2012, this post will no longer be updated. You can see my up-to-date list here or by clicking the Jess's Stash page tab above. 

As the title says. New additions to the family shall be underlined. Or maybe in a different color. We'll see when it happens (it won't be long lol). Onward!

I went with underlined AND a different color, k? It was hard to choose. :)

I've also started linking the polish name here to the blog post where I wear and talk about it, so that's what those are.

A England

The Legend


Black Diamond

Blue Cross

Pumpkin Glow-in-the-Dark
Blue Shimmer
Green Shimmer
Pink Shimmer
Yellow Shimmer

Butter London

Tart With A Heart
The Black Knight

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Case of the Disappearing Mani: Cirque French Roast

Immediate tangent. Every time I see the word “mani” I start talking like I'm from The Borderlands. Anyhow, read on, do ya I beg.

I'd been stalking the Cirque polishes website for a few weeks before I finally caved and ran giddily to PayPal. They shipped quickly (yay black tissue paper!) and my first choice was French Roast, a gorgeous multicolors-of-brown glitter that really does look like coffee. It goes on smoothly and the glitter layers up quickly. I could have gotten away with two coats but I went with three.

One coat

Two coats

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Losing My Marbles

Yesterday, I picked up the Sally Hansen Lustre Shine colors. Today, I got adventurous with them and tried a water marble. Today's experiment was only my second attempt at water marbling. Things did not work out according to my ultimate design, but I'm learning!

I don't think it was entirely my fault that my end result mani is not very attractive though. The Lava did not want to stick! I started with a base of OPI's matte white polish so the marble would have a clear bright background (I do most of my manicures over a white base, mainly because it allows the true color of my polish to show in fewer coats without having to overcome the natural color of my nails).

Anyway, here's what happened. I used Lava, Copperhead, and Scarab. You can see the Lava forgot to come to the party, but it did seem to spend plenty of time dropping off tiny little pink glitters!

Scarab, Copperhead, Lava

Right Hand
Right Thumb
Left Hand
Left Thumb

I'm enjoying this for the moment, but I'm expecting the Ludurana Aurora Boreal collection (the duochrome part) in the mail any minute now, and this will disappear as soon as the Ludurana arrives. I'm so excited to get those colors, I don't even...


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sally Hansen Lustre Shine

Welcome to Two Girls, One Obsession! Today I picked up the six available Sally Hansen Lustre Shine polishes. So far I'm totally in love with the Lava and the Scarab (as you can see in the water marble picture in the previous post). The other colors are all lovely but didn't catch my attention in the same way.

The only problem with the Lava? When I went to clean up the edges of my nail, I noticed pink micro glitter *everywhere*. Love the glitters!

Now I'm waiting for the Azure and the purple (whatever it's name is) to show up. The rest of these guys arrived in some parts of the east coast well over a week ago and finally made it to my part of the midwest today.

Time to go polish!


Birthing Pangs

Dana (2:13:03 AM): k, help me figure out where a blog should live...
Dana (2:14:15 AM):, wordpress... there's tumblr, bleh, or livejournal...
Jess (2:20:39 AM): Well, where's a place we can have it where both of us will have access to change it?
Jess (2:20:55 AM): I have a google and a livejournal account. I don't think I have a wordpress
Jess (2:21:09 AM): and I don't think I have a tumblr
Dana (2:21:34 AM): i have google. not livejournal. and either way, we need to both have the password to it so we can each be able to update
Jess (2:21:48 AM): Or we can make a whole new account on one of them. Which might be the best idea?
Dana (2:22:11 AM): i think the new account. then if we get mail there, it'll be something we won't have to sort through our regular mail to find, etc
Jess (2:22:49 AM): I don't know how to use any of them, but I can always learn. I haven't used a damn one of them ever before. So if there's one you prefer, I agree. lol
Dana (2:23:01 AM): LOL I’ve never used any of them either
Jess (2:23:28 AM): I'm thinking google. don't you need an email address for the others? With google, it's built in already.
Dana (2:23:42 AM): google is fine. LOL i don't care.