Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Rockstar Nails Chocolate Empire

So I'm a great aunt, right? ...no, no. I don't mean I'm terrific as an aunt. I am though. What I mean is that my niece and nephew have children. When my niece had her son, she chose theme colors for his...what? Room? Clothes? Life? I dunno. It's been the same colors for all of the parties since before his birth. I wonder if he even likes them.

I was recently searching for Mardi Gras themed glitter nail polish and found some on Etsy. I swore I would never shop there for reasons I will not get in to, but I couldn't resist this polish. While searching, I found a completely different polish that I had no idea why it was called Mardi Gras, because the colors were wrong. Traditionally, Mardi Gras colors are purple, green and gold. Still, this polish implanted itself in the back of my mind and would not let go. I knew I was going to have to buy it. And neither of these polishes are what this post is about. I like to spiral in toward my point.

In the same shop as the Mardi Gras polish that wasn't really a Mardi Gras colored polish was a whole nother polish whose glitter completely matched my second great nephew's chosen-for-him theme colors of brown, gold (or yellow) and a teal-y blue-y green-y thing. I toyed with the idea of buying it as well and the name of it clinched the sale.

Rockstar Nails' Chocolate Empire is ALL glitter. It's an indie, and it really is just glitter in a suspension base. No frills on this.

One coat

Two coats
As you can see, I used no base coat color, just slathered the glitter on there. It is really a pain to use. We're not talking a China Glaze glitter here, folks. It's thick, unwieldy, difficult to spread and place with the normally good but in this case bad bonus of drying quickly. By the time I put enough Seche Vite on to smooth it out, there were six layers of polish sitting on my nails. Six thick layers.

I tried to take a pic from the side so you could see just how thick, but it wasn't working in my favor. However, I think it still looks pretty darn good. There are gaps where you can see bare nail but I'm still digging the glitter shell. I did it the night before the kid's first birthday party and twelve hours later two of shells disappeared whole. Which I kind of expected but at least it lasted through the party. That also means I won't be doing an Update post on this because hey, it didn't last more than twelve hours so why bother.

So not the best formula, no. It's still a nice color combo, admittedly due to sentimental value. And yes, I'd wear it again. Though maybe one coat and a base coat color. This just means I get to try the chinese finger soakers again.


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