Thursday, October 18, 2012

I hate minis.

I can never get a nice even coat with 'em, I always smutch it up. And it just doesn't seem like enough polish. Greedy, I am. Possibly Yoda, too.

Like any other perfectly normal beast who likes nail polish to this degree, I decided to try my hand at making my own version of Starry Starry Night. I bought some stuff, mixed it up, and while it wasn't too bad and (I think) mostly matches, it still didn't seem quite on to me. I bought me some frankening products, yo. That's right, two franken posts in a row! So there!

I purchased from Mymix Cosmetics aka TKB Trading and really only got a few basics to make that one polish. That was my main goal. My secondary was to try and find a cure for my mini-hate. See how I brought that back around?

I love a lot of the colors in those minis and still really want them. If I can get them in a regular size bottle (and with a better brush) I will, but it's not always an option. Because I try to stay away from them, at the moment I only have three mini flavors of the Sally Girl variety. I bought one on a whim and the rest after I had ordered my franken supplies. Because guess what? Three minis make a full sized bottle.

I felt like a mad scientist!
I bought the bottles, with cap and brush of course, as well as the funnels and BBs to put in the bottles for mixing while shaking. They also sell the syringes used in the chinese finger soaker posts that I used for filling. Some of the bottles emptied easily, some dripped slowly to the finish, others had to be coaxed. Three minis per bottle, so nine total here.

As you can see, almost right to the top. Those are 15ml sized bottles, the Sally Girl minis are 4ml. I can do math. I just don't like to if I don't have to, see. The brushes in the bottles are only decent. They're definitely better than the mini brushes but we're not talking a nice OPI ProWide.

This is what I used for labels. I actually stole these from my job but they're standard size and I know they sell 'em at office supply places. They're a smidge too long for the bottles, I did trim a bit off, and they're also a bit translucent. But they were free to me, so I went with it.

Ta da! Minis to full size. Now to get to work on that SSN franken. When my nails are bare long enough. :)


PS  That SSN dupe? Isn't going to happen. Because someone came up with a better one. Which you should probably go have a look-see

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