Sunday, October 28, 2012

Update: Nubar Reclaim

Color = stunning. Quality = meh. I made it through the first day unscathed but the second was taxing and on the third I gave up. This is the fourth day.

Not great, no. Good for a mid-week replacement but definitely wouldn't go the distance.

I should mention that I forgot to use my OPI Chip Skip because I was in a hurry. It may have helped. It's an average polish, I love the color but, yanno, I certainly wouldn't depend on it for very long.

Also, something else fun happened. See that left ring finger? My, ain't she short?

I have never had a nail break like that before. It was sort of wavy there, a definite dip in the shape of the nail, so I pressed my right thumbnail on it very gently and that baby split like a cheap garbage bag. Now I have one stupid short nail.


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