Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Chinese Finger Soakers, Part 2

Here I am, back for round two. If you haven't read my first attempt at using these, just know that it was sort of a fail and that I thought it was mostly my fault for using the wrong thing.

My most recent manicure was the Rockstar Nails Chocolate Empire all glitter indie from Etsy. Extremely thick mani, if I had waited another day I'm sure the rest of the polish shells would have come off on their own. But it's for science!

I hustled myself to Sally Beauty and bought a giant bottle of pure acetone for use this time. And like three more bottles of nail polish. Wait, I bought a few Sally Girls. I don't think those should even count, I tell ya! They're so small! Came home, laid out my supplies again and prepared for round two. This time without color in my hair.

I don't think it was my fault the first attempt didn't work.

I was feeling so confident this time that I actually did this on my bed. That towel is quadruple folded, again with the extra fold to lean the cups on for filling. Boy did it spill. Possibly even more so this time. None of it got through the towel though.

There appears to be a demon in the top left...
The funniest part of is this that that pointer finger has no polish on it at all. That's one of the ones that came off whole the day before. I seriously have no idea why I soaked it, I didn't even realize I was doing it until I snapped this picture. :D

End result of both hands. My thumb on the right is still wearing one and the inset is the glitter that floated around in the cup and then stuck to my left thumb when I took it out. I still experienced no miracle falling off of the glitter. I had to soak for about ten minutes to achieve this level of clean. It took another ten minutes to clean off what was left and then pick off all the bits of glitter that were still stuck to my hands after that. Which was a complete waste of ten minutes.

The last time the cleanup was a snap. I was expecting it to be horrific and was pleasantly surprised when it wasn't. This time, in a word, sucked. Awful

I did let it all dry again and that may have been a mistake this time around. I had to pick all that dry glitter out of each cup, turn the pink parts inside out to scrape all that off, clean my hands off as much as I could between each one so I didn't just respread the glitter and leave it all in a pile for easy disposal.

Make sure you get a good zoom in on that. I still have glitter all over the darn place. Granted, it's not anywhere near as bad as it could be if I had just taken cotton balls to it. But it definitely is not the miracle cure that happened in the video. I honestly think the first time was much better. I was finding glitter all over myself for hours after.

Final judgement, what do I know? Perhaps the first time would have been better had I remembered to use the pure acetone. Or maybe the second time didn't work as well because it really is just big chunks of hex glitter in a suspension base so there's no way it was going to clean up well. It also took five times as long to soak off, I doused my cuticles in oil repeatedly afterward.

I'm not sure if I'll try it again. I may try the cotton balls and foil method next time. Or maybe look into getting a soaking dish, though I suppose I could just use any bowl I already have for that. Perhaps I'll stick with this and just not look forward to the cleanup.

I will have my glitter, dammit!!



  1. I'm anxious to see the results on a non-indie type polish. Because I wonder if it being large glitter in the suspension makes it more difficult than using, say, the China Glaze glitter like in the video.

  2. I'm thinking the same thing. I'm using ChG Fortune Teller next so we shall see.