Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Update: Stunning Blurple

Howdy! Sorry this update's a little out of order. I was so excited about my Starry Starry Night dupe, I skipped completely over talking about how the Stunning Blurple lasted. The answer to that is...actually very well. Until the day I needed it to fall apart so that I wouldn't feel guilty destroying a perfectly gorgeous manicure so I'd have an excuse for a new one. That is, the day my franken supplies arrived!

Thursday night, about 3 am, this happened out of nowhere:

It was the second big chip. My left thumb had popped a big chunk the day before when I opened a stubborn blister pack of hair clippy thingies. I repaired both chunky chips the same way I fixed the Essie Play Date when it tried to go wrong: I painted the bare nail bit with some base coat, poked the chip back into place and pressed it down back where it came from using an orange stick. Then I grabbed the Nutra-Nail Instant Smudge repair and painted it around the cracked edges so the polish would look less obviously broken. Hey, it works.

I knew my Fedex shipment was due on Friday. I got up early-the package required a signature so I was afraid I'd miss him. My doorbell's broken, see. After a couple of hours of waiting, I decided he was never coming to my house so I took a quick shower--trying to tempt fate into bring me my package. It didn't work. It did, however, lift the polish on so many of my nails that after about 10 minutes after I was dressed, this happened:

Six out of ten nail polish shells came off with little to no effort. Two others soon followed suit. I only had to use remover on two nails and some cleanup rather than resorting to some Chinese Finger Soakers or the foil method. Even the glitter removal posed no problem as most of it had come off with the polish shells. As you can see in the above picture, I had some fairly serious tip wear on that thumb, but overall I was really happy with how this polish lasted. If you're a fan of gorgeous purple/blue shades, this one is a must-have in your collection.

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