Friday, October 12, 2012

Sally Hansen Lustre Shine Moonstone

Not exactly my usual type of color, admittedly. I tend to stick to darker shades and a lot of black. I was goth before it was called goth, okay.

Moonstone is your typical mother of pearl, seashell, whitepinkbluegreen color change polish. If you have something similar, you aren't missing out on much. I also can't catch all the colors because well...okay, I didn't try very hard either. Considering it's like so many other polishes I didn't deem it worth the effort of trying to find angles in sun. Pssh. It's a smooth application and of course very sheer.

one coat

two coats
Dry time is average but I rushed a bit and got a few bubbles on that thumbnail. I think I was trying to build up layers faster because seeing the nail line irritates me for some reason. I dunno. It didn't matter anyhow because even after three coats I can still see it, and that's where I stopped.

It's very pretty for something I don't normally wear. I have really poor luck with Sally Hansens though so I fully expect this to start peeling and chipping almost immediately. I don't know why Ms. Hansen and I can't get along for more than twenty-four hours. I hope I'm wrong. We'll see in the update.


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