Thursday, October 25, 2012

Shipping Woes, Yep

It must have been the day USPS decided to mess up everyone's nail polish orders. I wonder how they coordinate something like that on a massive scale?

My issue was with my first ever Llarowe order. It's totally not their fault and I don't hold it against them. They just redid the site's layout (and a fantastic job it is) so I can't immediately find this but on the old site in big red print was a warning about how they offer free signature release on every delivery but they won't add it on unless you tell them to and that things have been getting stolen during shipping lately. I don't generally think about thievery during shipping as I do most of my purchasing with PayPal, who covers the loss, but I figured why not take the signature release? It's free!

It's a darn good thing I did!

The mailman dropped off the package and said I should go through it to make sure everything was in it. He wasn't sure how it happened. But this gem is what he handed me:

With a helper!

That right there, my friend, is my open shipping envelope in a plastic sorry for the inconvenience bag.

Gee thanks. And a close up of the front again?

Those two smaller red stamps say "Received Unsealed." Well who would have unsealed it? And it wasn't even like, mangled during shipping unsealed...

That seriously looks like someone went, "Oooh, Llarowe's!" and took a pair of scissors to it to see what was inside. Everything was still in there, still sealed in its bubble wrap, but you could tell it had been shifted around and handled.

This is a first for me. Never had my package opened in a way it shouldn't have been. I've ordered from all over the world, too. So take note:  if you order from Llarowe's, take them up on their free signature release. At least the post office would have had to take some of the responsibility.


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