Saturday, October 20, 2012

Chinese Finger Soakers (Part 3) vs. The Foil Method

I'm thinking this will be my last post relating to this. I can't see why I'd do another. LOL I'm sure we're all grateful for it, too.

China Glaze Fortune Teller was the experiment this week. I chose to do the manicure twice, not only because of the issues I had with it, but also to conduct this little versus experiment just to see which worked better and hopefully come to a final decision as to which method I felt was the better choice.

First off, the CFSs work much better on a polish that isn't all glitter. I feel certain that if I had done the Cirque French Roast removal with pure acetone that it would have gone this way as well. And next time I wear a chunky all glitter polish I'll try out the foil method but I'll throw it in the update for that polish and link back here.

I did everything the same way I have on the previous attempts with the CFSs, and here's the result:

Much better results this time. It did fall off as quickly as in the video, it was literally three minutes or less. Worked like a charm.

Then for the second removal, the foil method. Soak the cotton ball in pure acetone, put it on the nail, wrap it in foil and wait.

Yet another demon. I think it's the same one actually.

Do it for each one and you're set. I do recommend one hand at at time. And see how I'm holding my hand, fingers in the air? LOL Do not, under any circumstances, squeeze them at this angle. I did it and it leaked up my arm all the way to the elbow.

I waited about seven to ten minutes, just to be sure, then squeezed while pulling to remove as per the video. With my fingers angled downward, of course. lol

By golly if it don't come off in one whole piece! I had to open it to see the results. Also, I refuse to use the foil once and throw it away. That's just wasteful. 

It looks like deviled eggs!

Hands switched since apparently I can't tell left from right if they're not in order.
It's certainly not as clean as the CFSs method but still pretty awesome. And I didn't wait long enough on my right hand, that's my boo boo.

While the CFSs, when they work, work a lot better, the downside is that the the clean up is a crap shoot. I did half while they were wet and it was a mess. I let 'em dry and did one and it was still such a mess that I quit and left the rest sitting on a shelf.

And I still haven't cleaned 'em. I also spilled ten times as much acetone while inserting and removing my fingers into the cups. The positive to the foils is that there is almost no clean up and there was absolutely no spilling of acetone as long as I kept my fingers angled down while I squeezed. But it doesn't remove nearly as much polish, nor as fast (though the time is only marginally longer).

I think I'll probably stick with the foils, personally. It just seems like less of a pain to me.


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