Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Birthing Pangs

Dana (2:13:03 AM): k, help me figure out where a blog should live...
Dana (2:14:15 AM): blogger.com, wordpress... there's tumblr, bleh, or livejournal...
Jess (2:20:39 AM): Well, where's a place we can have it where both of us will have access to change it?
Jess (2:20:55 AM): I have a google and a livejournal account. I don't think I have a wordpress
Jess (2:21:09 AM): and I don't think I have a tumblr
Dana (2:21:34 AM): i have google. not livejournal. and either way, we need to both have the password to it so we can each be able to update
Jess (2:21:48 AM): Or we can make a whole new account on one of them. Which might be the best idea?
Dana (2:22:11 AM): i think the new account. then if we get mail there, it'll be something we won't have to sort through our regular mail to find, etc
Jess (2:22:49 AM): I don't know how to use any of them, but I can always learn. I haven't used a damn one of them ever before. So if there's one you prefer, I agree. lol
Dana (2:23:01 AM): LOL I’ve never used any of them either
Jess (2:23:28 AM): I'm thinking google. don't you need an email address for the others? With google, it's built in already.
Dana (2:23:42 AM): google is fine. LOL i don't care.

Jess (2:23:52 AM): What shall our account name be? For the email
Dana (2:24:52 AM): lol Um. See if we can get JessAndDana
Jess (2:26:45 AM): DanaAndJess is used. Can you believe that
Dana (2:27:09 AM): what the...wow
Jess (2:27:18 AM): JessAndDana isn't. Which is irksome because it's not alphabetical order lol
Dana (2:27:42 AM): LOL but it works better because it flows. DanaAndJess is jerky to say out loud.
Dana (2:27:49 AM): JessAndDana flows
Jess (2:27:56 AM): LOL DLRJMR is used
Jess (2:28:03 AM): I wonder what that stands for to that person
Dana (2:28:07 AM): no kidding :/
Dana (2:28:11 AM): try DLCJMR
Jess (2:28:27 AM): We could share towels!
Dana (2:28:30 AM): LOL we would if I would get my ass in gear and actually change it
Jess (2:28:33 AM): LOL
Jess (2:28:48 AM): DLCJMR is open
Dana (2:29:11 AM): that's fine, if you don't like JessAndDana It doesn't matter a'tall
Jess (2:29:16 AM): k
Jess (2:30:20 AM): it demands a birthday lol
Dana (2:30:31 AM): use yours
Jess (2:30:37 AM): I'm using yours. Your name is first.
Jess (2:31:38 AM): k, it's set up. LOL Now what
Dana (2:31:59 AM): LOL i have a lucy in my lap
Jess (2:32:08 AM): Are you still able to breathe?
Dana (2:32:20 AM): i dunno. I've never looked at blogger, i have no idea what's next. and barely!!
Jess (2:32:31 AM): That was mean. I shouldn't pick on the big girls lol
Dana (2:32:38 AM): lol
Jess (2:34:06 AM): What should we use as the profile pic?
Dana (2:34:30 AM): k and...gah, decisions! a bottle of nail polish
Jess (2:34:38 AM): LOL okay. which one
Dana (2:34:52 AM): what's your favorite right now
Jess (2:35:05 AM): You just asked me to choose a favorite child
Dana (2:35:09 AM): LOL sorry
Dana (2:35:15 AM): ok, go with a bright.
Dana (2:35:22 AM): recognizable bottle shape
Jess (2:35:31 AM): A bright? lol
Jess (2:36:35 AM): LOL Maybe we should take a pic of our own
Dana (2:37:01 AM): probably. like a pile or a group
Jess (2:37:29 AM): Yeah. I've got a few sitting in front of me right now. Since i Had to repaint, you know lol
Dana (2:37:38 AM): yeah, lol
Jess (2:39:45 AM): pic incoming
Jess (2:39:47 AM): And NICE
Jess (2:39:52 AM): LOL You water marbled!

Jess (2:40:12 AM): What's the white?
Dana (2:40:14 AM): LOL I did. One whole nail.
Dana (2:40:28 AM): the white is where I wiped the polish off my skin and went a little haywire
Jess (2:40:34 AM): lol oh
Dana (2:40:49 AM): also that picture will work
Jess (2:41:02 AM): k. When you think of another, feel free
Dana (2:41:31 AM): yep
Dana (2:41:40 AM): 000000000000000000000000
Jess (2:41:46 AM): hi kitty
Dana (2:41:52 AM): yes
Jess (2:42:08 AM): Number Two got his first hairs cut the other day
Dana (2:42:24 AM): oh yeah? is that a good thing?
Jess (2:42:38 AM): It's a hairs cut. I dunno. lol
Dana (2:42:56 AM): lol
Dana (2:43:16 AM): i wish Lucy would lay somewhere else. I’m hot
Jess (2:43:25 AM): LOL move her?
Dana (2:43:40 AM): lol she turns+ 5in+to dead weight
Jess (2:43:46 AM): LOL
Jess (2:45:32 AM): pathetic lol
Dana (2:45:41 AM): yes!!!!!
Jess (2:45:52 AM): Okay. What is the title of our blog? lol
Dana (2:46:22 AM): wait, can we change it later if we want
Jess (2:46:44 AM): I don't think so
Dana (2:46:47 AM): ner
Jess (2:46:53 AM): You can make a new one, I guess
Dana (2:47:52 AM): LOL i'm not sure, dammit
Jess (2:48:44 AM): LOL I thought you had one all ready to go. Hence the sudden push to create it
Dana (2:49:01 AM): LOL no. I was just looking to see where a good place would be to start it
Jess (2:49:37 AM): Well how about the one you already said? Two Girls, One Obsession
Dana (2:49:55 AM): that works for me
Jess (2:50:04 AM): LOL is that how you spell obsession?
Dana (2:50:09 AM): yep
Dana (2:50:11 AM): obsession
Jess (2:50:33 AM): LOL we're going to be called TGOO if we ever get famous
Dana (2:50:40 AM): argh
Jess (2:50:48 AM): LOL I'm okay with it
Jess (2:50:58 AM): It sounds like simlish lol
Dana (2:51:12 AM): LOL fine by me.
Jess (2:51:43 AM): I'm going to make that the address then. TGOO.blogspot.com. cool?
Dana (2:51:51 AM): yeah, that's ok
Jess (2:52:04 AM): LOL Nope, can't. pick another
Jess (2:52:08 AM): it's used
Dana (2:52:09 AM): Dammit. taken??
Dana (2:52:21 AM): TwoGirls.blogspot.com?
Jess (2:52:32 AM): Nope
Dana (2:52:37 AM): 2G1O
Jess (2:52:50 AM): the full title is available
Dana (2:52:54 AM): ok
Jess (2:53:22 AM): I'm picking a random template. You're in charge of design lol
Jess (2:53:42 AM): LOL I spelled obsession wrong
Dana (2:53:50 AM): LOL you did?
Dana (2:53:57 AM): and ok, i'll be in charge of design
Jess (2:54:13 AM): LOL yeah, in the address. it says I can fix it though, I just gotta find where
Jess (2:54:17 AM): I put obesession lol
Dana (2:54:26 AM): LOL whoops
Jess (2:55:05 AM): LOL okay, fixed
Dana (2:55:10 AM): yay!
Jess (2:56:18 AM): I think our first post should be this conversation. Minus all the passwords and stuff. lol
Dana (2:56:28 AM): LOL yes, that would be funny
Jess (2:56:34 AM): LOL k
Jess (2:57:09 AM): Am I leaving our aim names in?
Jess (2:57:27 AM): I don't think I want that. LOL what if it does get famous? The I can never use it!
Dana (2:57:40 AM): right. replace them with either our names or initials
Jess (2:57:52 AM): Jess and Dana
Jess (2:58:01 AM): My cat just ate a spider.
Dana (2:58:01 AM): yep
Dana (2:58:06 AM): LOL extra protein
Jess (2:58:08 AM): LOL

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