Saturday, October 6, 2012

Update: Cirque French Roast

So we're going to have a series of posts that are just updates on a polish or manicure we talked about in previous posts that will give details on how long it lasted, how much chipping and fixing, etc. I had this at the end of the original but Dana suggested we make them completely new posts and I agree. Anyhow.

Considering its rocky beginning the Cirque French Roast held up phenomenally. The issues really were my fault. This photo is four days after the second attempt and as you can see it still looks outstanding. I did have one small chip on that thumb there, there's some tip wear, and the edges are starting to pull up a little. These are not complaints, they're all things I expect after a few days of wear. Compared to other polishes' wear, I'd give this one about a 9 on a 10 max scale of awesome.


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