Monday, October 8, 2012

Chinese Finger Soakers, Part 1

Glitter nail polish is beautiful, fun, dynamic, creative and a complete pain to remove. I have so many of them and am so hesitant to use them because I absolutely loathe the cleanup. It gets everywhere, I find it days later. On my toes. Even though it was on my fingers.

This is why god invented Google.

A search for "easy way to remove glitter nail polish" (you don't even have to type the whole thing, it suggests it before you get to the L in glitter--common problem, see) turned up this little gem. I was ecstatic. I also haven't tried it yet because linked in that video is this:

Even better! Less mess and waste! I ordered them before the video was even finished. It did take a month to get to me but as soon as they did I loaded up the test manicure, Cirque French Roast. I dumped some color in my hair, set out my supplies and got to work.

It's nice to have some help.

If you've done this dance before, you can already spot my mistake. I seem to be good at that lately. 

I used a 3ml syringe, just like in the video. I get these when my cats need oral medication, they always give them out in multiples, so I hoard the extras for future use. Viola, use found! I have no idea where you get them otherwise, which is completely unhelpful but there you go.

That towel is only doubled. If you've got fat little digits like mine, triple or quadruple it. More slender fingers, the double fold is probably enough. I folded up the end of the towel so the cups were tilted for filling. They will stand on their own on a flat surface but not on the towel. Plus, as you saw in the first pic, I had a supervisor and wasn't risking spillage from her help.

Just like the video says, it took 4.5mls to fill 'em. Don't overfill. When you're inserting and removing your fingers, expect leaks. And again, if you've got sausages, expect a lot of leak. They're one size fits all, sure, but any big girl knows that ain't always true. Shoving my fingers in there caused enough spill to leak through the doubled towel. Next time I shall quadruple.

Ridiculous-looking. I giggled. There's also another problem for the fat fingers. It was cutting off my circulation. By the time I took them off it was almost painful. Though if I had done it right to begin with it probably wouldn't have been so bad. Don't worry, I'll explain at the end. You really can wave your hands all over the place while they're on, too. Just DO NOT squeeze the pink part. Don't even touch it. That will cause leak.

The video says about 2.5 minutes. I had to leave this on for nearly ten. Looks promising though! And check out the pressure mark below the first knuckle. It really is THAT tight, those babies hung out on my fingers for quite a few hours after.

First hand. Still pretty awesome, with a few minor cleanup issues. Even a few minor issues defeats the entire purpose to me though because the whole point is no cleanup. I'm still going to get it all over, I'm good like that.

As per the video, I figured what the hell and reused the same cups for the other hand. I did have to put more remover in them as a whole bunch squished out from the first hand.

You can see how messy it is inside there. Not nearly as much dissolved as I was expecting. It's smeared all over the the sides of the bowl. After another ten minutes, I had only ten minutes until my hair needed rinsed, so I removed to find a big mess.

Nope, that sucks. Not happy at all. Far too much stayed and far too much was elsewhere:

Check out that small inset. That's glitter all the way up under my nail. Boy was I displeased. I still had to bust out my cotton balls and hose it all down the normal way. Yes, I had it everywhere. I used the remaining acetone in the bowls first since hey why not. And by the time I was done I was nearly 25 minutes late removing the color from my hair. Good thing all that stops processing on its own! I left everything on the table, not caring if my supervisor appropriated anything for a new toy since I wasn't happy with how it worked anyhow. I found it all the way I left it when I got back and was admittedly sad she didn't take anything because now I had to clean those out, too.

All those little dried chunks of polish sitting in there. Yuck. ...wait. Little dried chunks of polish. Because I had to remove all that excess on my nails and fingers used what acetone remained in the bowls and then left them sit there to go rinse my hair, they were dry. Which means all that actually peeled right out quite easily. You can see in the bottom half of that image a chunk of it sitting on the towel. Some of literally just fell out on its own. So that was one bright spot.

Now here comes the catch. How did I mess up? I forgot I needed pure acetone. What I used is your basic remover with acetone. If you check the video, she plainly says AND SHOWS the bottle of pure acetone. Way to go, Jessica. Self high five! That is why this is labeled part one. I've done a new mani with an indie glitter from Etsy and am going to take my bottom to the Sally Beauty to get the right product for its removal. My second attempt can be found here.


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