Friday, October 19, 2012

Update: Essie Play Date

I managed to keep my Essie Play Date mani looking good for 4 days. Woohoo!

Unfortunately, Day 5 was not my friend. I don't know what I did--nothing struck me as being particularly traumatic--but I knocked a big chunk out of the end of my right thumbnail. I was still loving the color, so I decided I would go against my nature and try to repair it. I got my bottle of Play Date and dabbed delicately at the bare spot in the midst of layers of polish. After that dried, I dabbed on another layer, then I took my Nutra-Nail Instant Smudge Repair and painted it on, melting the surface of the top coat so that new and old polish could bond together

Then Day 6 comes along. I hadn't done a lot. I frequently have trouble sleeping, so I'd spent most of the day in my pajamas, wishing I could just go to sleep and stay there for a while. I finally got dressed and left the house to ran an errand around 3pm. When I got home, I noticed the first finger on my right hand had a huge chip in the polish. Then I noticed it was more than a chip:

Whoa, wait, let's see that again:

So, being me, I poked at it. And then this happened: 

I wasn't very happy. I hate when my nail polish peels off in sheets. But it had been five days. And you can see the polish on my middle finger was starting to pull back from the tip, so it was time to say goodbye. The Play Date is over.

Overall, I was very pleased with my first Essie polish experience. It's a gorgeous color, it applied easily, it came off easily (which is only good sometimes) and made me happy. Can't ask for much more!

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