Thursday, January 17, 2013

Etude House Dear My Party: Halloween Day and DJ Purple

I lasted a few days with my last polish before I got totally bored. So this morning I took it off (update to come) and started playing with a couple of glitter polishes I've had for a while. They're from Etude House's Dear My Party collection, Halloween Day and DJ Purple. Halloween Day is a blue/purple fine glitter with larger pink hexes in a clear base. DJ Purple is a larger purple hex glitter, also in a clear base. Jess called it a sequin polish, which is not a term I'm familiar with, but I knew when I heard it she'd hit that particular nail (polish) on the head. From the first pictures, Jess thought I had done a sequin manicure using a kit I'd completely forgotten I'd bought from Sephora, the Ciate Sequined Manicure set. Meanwhile I thought she'd very cleverly recognized something I had no clue about or had coined a new phrase!

Clear base glitters usually need multiple coats for opacity, or a color base coat. Since I was experimenting, I sorted through some recent purchases and came up with a good base. Zoya Ibiza, a dark purple creme which leans a little toward navy blue, seemed like it would work out for both of the Etude House colors.

Knowing I was not keeping this mani on, I really piled on the glitter to get as much coverage as I could in one coat. The clear base was initially super thick and bumpy, but as it dried down it became much smoother and flat to the nail. It took a while to dry, but I'd probably do it the same way next time because I know it will dry down the way I want.

Be sure you click through for more detail on the pictures. I used a larger image size than usual, but the detail is better on the largest size pictures.

With forced flash.
Again, forced flash.
Natural light
Natural light. I love the color of the DJ Purple.
The bottles are so pretty...
Here's a little direct sunlight.
I did not leave this polish on longer than it took to swatch it, so I can't say anything about how well it wears beyond the experience that Jess had when she used Prom Queen, from the same Etude House collection. So based on that, I wouldn't have had high expectations anyway...maybe someday I'll give it a real try!


  1. It looks "chuncky". Does it smooth out? If it doesn't that would make me crazy (er)! Love the colors very pretty indeed!

  2. I took the pictures when it was still pretty wet. As it dried it pulled down into a thinner smoother coat.