Saturday, January 26, 2013

Update: Fawn and Belle

Doing this one a bit early 'cause it looks bad and needs to come off. And that is not an indication of how the polish held up at all. That's not saying the Sally Hansen didn't chip (and predictably in the first 24 hours), just that it's not as bad as it looks. Bear with me, I'll explain.

First of all, yes, about 15 hours after I finished. Right after the shower the next day, the polish on my right thumbnail was starting to peel back. I caught it before it was a full on chip to glue it back down. This was the prevailing theme the whole week. There were no tiny little bits here and there, it would start to peel, I'd see it in enough time to do some repairs.

However, they weren't all that way.

Second day. And the ONLY major chip. If you check the larger size, you'll see other issues here and there. Still, it wasn't horrible.

Before I post the end result, have a belated natural light shot.

Which is a much more accurate representation of the base color. I didn't think I'd enjoy it when I grabbed it on sale but it grew on me over the week. Especially with the Cirque on top, I felt girlie, which was odd. lol

Anyhow. You look. And then I'm going to explain. So don't be shocked.

I know, I know. It looks awful. But here's what happened. Right thumbnail was starting to break so I saved what I could at the cost of the polish. While in the process, I noticed a lot of other potential polish issues starting to peel up so I figured, it's the end of the week, it's coming off tomorrow, go for it. So I peeled what wanted to and trimmed the rest with clippers. I actually didn't go anywhere today, we had a slight blizzard and as I live on a technical mountain I couldn't get to work. Would the polish have made it through the day? I'm guessing mostly yes. Some of them probably would have come off by the time the day was through but not anywhere near as bad as what you see here.


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