Monday, January 14, 2013

Zoya Julie and a little something extra

I love a good bargain. More polish for less money makes me very happy. Which is why when Zoya pulled out their Three Free sale on Facebook, I claimed that offer posthaste and ran to their site to start picking and choosing. I ended up buying a bunch of other polishes along with the Three Free, one of which was Julie, a metallic soft wisteria purple color from Lovely, the Spring 2013 collection.

Ok, so I mainly bought this one for the name, I admit it. I'm very close with a lady I work with named Julie (I call her my work Mom--Hi Jules!!), and when I saw this color and it had her name on it, I knew it would be perfect for her. So I bought it, intending to give it to her. And then I got my box o' Zoya in the mail. So. Pretty. The color is super-girly, which I am usually not. It's soft and sweet and brought me a little bit of springtime in the middle of a blustery cold January day. So I had to give it a try, right?

This is two coats under a Seche Vite top coat. Top photo, without flash, which is INCREDIBLY more accurate than the second photo, with flash. The metallic reflected the light so well it seems to be a different color altogether. Which happens to look a whole lot like Essie's Play Date.

...and I was bored. I kept looking at my slightly metallic nails in this subtle purple shade and plotting what I could do with limited artistic skills to fancy it up. KISS nail art stickers to the rescue!
This picture was from a "Hey Jess...what do you think?" text. She encouraged the use of the stickers and I am so glad she did. I waited until my nails were completely dry, then pulled out my storage box of nail accessories. It took about 10 minutes to place all the stickers, then I added two more layers of top coat to make sure nothing peels up.

No flash, just gorgeous color enhanced by some nail art stickers. My friend Sara says it looks "wedding-y". What do you think?

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