Monday, January 14, 2013

TonyMoly Galaxy Collection Jupiter (GT05)

Dana found these ages ago and I ordered the whole collection from ebay shortly thereafter. Because glitter! Pretty glitter. They aren't all glitter, the base polish is there, but glitter. A bit holo, too, there are definitely different color flashes in there. TonyMoly is a South Korean brand, lots of different collections. This is called the Galaxy collection...with five planets in it. Yep. Hey, as long as Earth is there, who cares about the rest?


Ahem. I chose Jupiter first, as I'm in a purple mood at the moment (the toes are purple as well). It's purple and a tiny bit of blue glitter in a purple base. And as I said, there's also some glitter that gives a holo effect, flashing different colors in the light.

It goes on exceedingly well. There's no need to glitter gob, it slides on quite nicely. The first coat was sort of iffy, but the second coat was the winner. It is also a monster top coat eater. It dries quickly and pretty rough to the touch and it took five layers of top coat to smooth it out enough to where I could stand the feel. Yes, I said five.

Regardless, I am so far in love... <3

Tonymoly galaxy jupiter gt05

Tonymoly galaxy jupiter gt05

Tonymoly galaxy jupiter gt05

And as those don't really show the multicolor sparkle very well...



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