Saturday, January 12, 2013

Update: A-England Tess D'Urbervilles

I am a horrible person. I just sat here watching a gaming marathon while removing the polish and did not remember to take a picture beforehand. Bad me.

It started off as a REALLY bad polish. As wonderfully as it went on, it came right back off. Less than twelve hours after I finished the manicure it started to chip. Not big huge ones, but tiny little annoying ones that would spiral out of control into the big ones. The first day, I fixed the chips. The second day it all chipped again so in an effort to save it I fixed chips again then put another full (and slightly thicker) coat over all the nails with another top coat.

This apparently saved the whole polish. Four more days, not one chip. Only tip wear, which was slightly more severe than I thought it should be, but still very manageable. In light of this, I would highly recommend that you do not keep this to a one or even two coat polish. Going for all three seems to make it last the whole week, much less through the first twelve hours.

And, as I have no picture of it to show you because I'm a bad bad girl, here. Have a kitty.



  1. And such a pretty kitty! What's up people. Jess and Dana are like super awesome gals and would love to hear from someone besides me!!! Show some love and say hello = ) As you have no pics of the mani I cannot say how I like or dislike it! Hehehe

  2. She is a very pretty kitty--she's Missy's long lost twin, Kissy :) And Nisi, you're awesome, thanks for the promotion :)

  3. Everything she just said. lol