Saturday, January 5, 2013

Update: Butter London NYE Nail Art

I got so many freakin' OMG THAT'S SO CUTE on these, it was great. Worth the effort.

I've read around the interwebz a bit and seen how some people have had zero chipping problems with butter LONDON, some people hate it and say it chips all the time. I think things like that really depend on the polish and the person. For instance, Dana loves her Sally Hansens. They so work for her. Me? I expect them to start chipping from the get go. And they've never let me down so far.

With bL, I didn't really get that much chip. It was mostly pretty good. There were a few issues...and LOL boy were they big issues.

Sorry about the blur, but it's with good reason! The larger part of this pic was three days in. It's the right middle finger which, as you can see, popped off whole just as I was getting ready to walk out the door to go to work. I'm lucky I even remembered to grab a pic, I'm so bad with that sometimes. I did reattach it and did not have a similar issue with that nail nor any other for the rest of the week.

The inset on the bottom right was four days in, left pointer finger. Big old chip. I was going to let it go but I decided to glop some more Black Knight on and ride it out for one more day. Then I woke up the next day, showered, and the glop was AWOL. LOL So I glopped again and it held up one more day.

The end results:
Overall, not too bad. Those two issues aside, it actually still looks pretty darn good, so I'm not disappointed. It's also making me question my future because if you look at this, lol 2012 was better than 2013. Zoom in.

Are my nails prophetic? Is this year going to be worse than last year? :(


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  1. I don't love ALL my Sally Hansens. There are just some that have never let me down :)