Monday, January 28, 2013

Update: Zoya polishes - Julie & Ibiza

See there? You didn't even know I was wearing Ibiza, did you? That's because for the last week or two I've been concentrating on trying to get my new baby, Dreamy Lacquer Company, in a viable position to really make and sell some gorgeous polishes. Forgive me for ignoring you, please?

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming! I love Zoya's colors. Their polishes are so rich and beautiful, I just can't seem to get enough of them. I picked up 10 new colors a couple of weeks ago in the ZOYA2013 go along with the Ornate collection I bought in December and FeiFei, which I'd picked up somewhere along the line and my namesake polish, Dana, which I found on the Ulta clearance rack totally by chance in November. And didn't I buy two more a couple of days ago off Ulta's clearance rack? Yes, I did!

Fortunately, I am the kind of girl who likes to change her nail color two or three of times a week. I say that because unfortunately, I have a terrible time keeping Zoya polish ON MY NAILS. Two or three days in, it's chipping like nobody's business and driving me crazy.

To be fair, it is winter and we've had some brutally cold nights scattered through the last few weeks. I get off work at 2 am, and I usually forget my gloves, so my nails pay the price in brittleness and peeling. And since I had the same issue with both the Julie and the Ibiza, I thought I'd save it all for one post instead of playing Second Verse, Same as the First.

Here's the Julie after two days. The first picture looks pretty good...but then in the second and third, you can see the damage.
Here's the Ibiza. Gorgeous color, a dark purple-bordering-on-navy creme. This was two coats and full sun. Try not to notice the winter-dry skin that I cannot seem to cure no matter what I do...sigh. 
And here's the Ibiza after three days:
The color is gorgeous. The polish applies well, dries quickly, seems like a dream. And then my luck runs out within 48 to 72 hours. Darn it.

But that should not stop you from trying Zoya for yourself. I'm not giving up on them--at least not until spring's here and my nails start acting right again

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