Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Butter London New Year's Eve nails, maybe.

After my super-bright red Christmas Santa mani, and some (bad) stuff going on in my life, I was definitely looking for something a little more low-key and neutral in color. Y'all know unusual that is for me, so just humor me and next week I'll be back to some colorful nails!

Now if you've ever looked at my stash, you'd know that I am not exactly bursting with neutral polishes. So my thought was, I'd just use my butter London Bread and Butter Pudding. But when I was running errands, I picked up a bottle of Essie's Ballet Slippers. Then I stopped at Walgreen's, where I spotted a clearance on Sally Hansen Smooth & Perfect. Turns out one of the colors I picked up is a very near dupe to the butter London Bread and Butter Pudding, which we will discuss later. I ended up using the Sally Hansen Smooth & Perfect in Dune and butter London in West End Wonderland and attempted my first glitter gradient. Gorgeous colors. The Dune went on smoothly (although I do not like their brush shape at all). The glitter is so densely packed in the West End Wonderland that I had a hard time getting a nice thin scattered front edge. It almost looks like I was trying for a (badly planned) French glittler mani. It's a tough thing to complain about--too much glitter in your glitter polish--but that was my only complaint.
We've had gloomy weather, snow and clouds for the last few days, so no sunshine/daytime pictures. And I'm getting some pretty intense tip wear, after only two days, so I'll be changing this out soon.

Happy New Year, everyone :)

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