Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sally Hansen So Much Fawn and Cirque Fleur Est Belle

I was going to go with some kind of a dark vampy red this week then I remembered I got my new Cirque a few days ago. Nuts to that vampy red.

I'm not much for the girlie girl shades but every once in a while one takes my fancy and Fleur est Belle really captured me. About two months before it was even released. It's a limited edition shade available only from Mei Mei's Signatures so if you're interested you'd better get on it. It's already sold out once already.

But first things first. I didn't want to use just a flat out glitter this time, I might be getting a little tired of those. For now! Just for now. I decided to try and do sort of a glitter gradient with it, keep it simple, and I wanted a base that's a similar color to that in the Cirque. Enter Sally Hansen's So Much Fawn, a color I only purchased because it was like a dollar.

It's also apparently difficult for me to capture the actual color. It's somewhere in between these two. Not that pink, but definitely not that nude.

I then did the glitter, and I wanted it from the base of the nail, not the tip. In reverse, you know. Bass-ackwards or something.

Zoom in and check out the cat hair and whatever that other thing is I painted into my middle finger lol

And there you have it. If you've followed me at all, you know I don't have really good luck with the Sally Hansens, so lol I do not expect this to last more than about 24 hours before I'm fixing chips.

Which was why I wanted the Cirque at the base, not the tips. See what I did there? ;-)


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