Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Playing with Sephora + Pantone Universe

After the failure of my New Year's Eve mani, I decided I'd grab a handful of polishes that I bought a couple of months ago...and which have been sitting, completely ignored, ever since. I chose the Sephora + Pantone Universe polishes in Evergreen, Reflecting Pond, Rose Quartz, and Purple Parachute, and a basic black (Sally Hansen Salon Perfect Manicure in Midnight in NY) to round it out to five.

I didn't notice until just now when I added this picture that the purple could have used another coat. But it didn't matter, because as the title says, I was just playing with some colors I'd bought a while back. I really liked the Reflecting Pond and the Evergreen. I thought I'd love the Purple Parachute the most, but I was seriously wrong. I don't like it much at all, in fact.

My main purpose in doing this skittles mani, though! Jess told me a couple of weeks ago about a polish she found on eBay. She'd already pulled the trigger, and they had more than one if I wanted to jump: Clarins 230! So I am now the proud owner of my very own bottle of Unicorn Pee! YES!!

...but my pictures are for crap. Seriously. And none of these base colors worked under it anyway. I guess they're too metallic or something. The 230 did look good over the black, but I'm almost embarrassed to post my awful pictures :/ Because I love you, here they are anyway:

See? You can't even really tell there's a gorgeous multichrome color shifting glittery beautiful top coat on there :(

Then because I was still playing, I grabbed my bottle of Seche Collage Overlay...why not, right? Pictures are with and without flash.

I'd like the overlay a lot better if it didn't have those giant white hexes in it. It's loaded with glittery goodness, but I'm not always a fan of glittery goodness. I like my sparkle, but I'm picky about it. None of these many colors and layers really excited me, which makes me kind of sad. I can't wait to try a serious, not-so-experimental mani with the Clarins 230 though! Thanks to Jess for finding it and sharing her source :)

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  1. The last one is a little much for me. It looks like you stuck your wet nails into some serious confetti. Most before that, I thought looked nice :)