Monday, January 21, 2013

Update: TonyMoly Galaxy Jupiter

Gush. Gush gush gush gush. Okay, complain a tiny little bit. But then gush gush gush gush gush again. Love hearts, me.

Sorry, just getting my template together. Ready?

This polish. If this polish were a deity, we mere humans would bask in its glory and write hosannas and hallelujahs to its beauty, perfection, and divine influence. It was that outstanding. Really. I'm already looking into other TonyMoly polish lines to see what else they offer that might be worth the shipping to me. I'm also tempted to jump right into the next galaxy (really just planet) in the collection. Love it.

Now, like any god it does have its faults. One in particular here which, in light of the outcome, I'm hoping is just a fluke or my fault. I shall take the blame until proven otherwise.

That happened at the very end of the fourth day. And that was it. Seriously. Despite the blur on this pic, zoom in anyhow and check out the details. Four days and that's all! And there's nothing on the other hand, it looks just as spectacular.

Five days, normal wear, I am in complete shock but here you are:

I did not have much faith in this polish because the Etude House sucks, okay. Sure it was just that one polish but I find that if one of them doesn't work for me, none of the rest will either. I apologize profusely to South Korea. I will be sending more of my increasingly useless American dollars your way, if it will make amends. TonyMoly has robin's egg polishes. ;)

Love hearts,


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