Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Etude House Dear My Party Prom Queen

Etude House is from Korea, and they don't just sell nail polish. It's a whole beauty line. I found this one and Pajama Party when doing a search for how to do a robin's egg manicure. I saw an image for one on...I think on Essie's facebook page and thought that would be cute to try, then I figured I'd make it much easier on myself by just buying these.

I ordered from eBay, of course, and I actually chose three from the Dear My Party line but the seller mildly screwed me. The third one I wanted was one called Halloween Day, which is a purple glitter (no idea how that relates to Halloween), but the seller decided I didn't need that one and sent me a purple from another collection that I can't remember. They have the best names for polishes and I'm being serious--that's totally not an Engrish joke. Look At My Cotton Candy Nails!! That's the name of the collection the wrong polish is from! Tell me that's not a great name. Anyhow, the seller never even bothered to send the correct polish, I got my money refunded, so I got a free bottle of nail polish. Even though it's not the one I wanted.

As I'm not really into pinks and reds as much as other colors (I wear 'em but not as often), I was leaning towards the Pajama Party for my mani this week, which is a true robin's egg blue speckled polish. But as I just got done wearing a spectacular blue polish, I opted for pink.

Zoom in for a look at all the cat hair on my nails lol
Very cute. I really like the look a lot, so the wait and the hassle were worth it. Can't wait to try the blue counterpart.

...oh wait, yes I can. Because these are quite a challenge to work with. The polish itself is runny and thin. First coat, paint in the pink; second, gob in the glitter; third, go over it all and try to even it out. Two coats might have worked but but the glitter seemed uneven to me.

I'm also still trying to get the hang of painting with any polish without getting it all over my cuticles and fingers. Which I found damn near impossible with this because well, remember Dana's post about her namesake polish? She said the brush was so wide she ended up painting her fingers, there was no way around it? Now I know what she was talking about. When I put the brush down on my pinky nail it covered the entire fingertip. And that was without the usual pressing down to spread the bristles. So the edge cleanup was pretty bad. Aren't Asian women tiny? How the hell do they use this brush on their itty bitty nails if it's too big for my giant American ones?

Still, it is a cute polish and if you've got the patience to deal with it, it's worth it. Now to see whether it makes it a whole week. My first use of any of the Korean polishes and I'm hoping it's a better experience than the ordering process.


(Completely unrelated side note: I recently overflowed into my third Sterilite storage container for my polishes. Thankfully, it was properly blessed immediately:

It just wouldn't be the same if she didn't...  ;-)

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