Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wet N Wild Blue Moon

I chose Wet N Wild Wild Shine in Blue Moon as my mani of the week for a few reasons.

One, the color is gorgeous. Night sky blue shimmer with occasional flashes of a deep dark teal green that doesn't show 99% of the time. I was surprised the first time I saw it happen.

Two, I wasn't done with dark blue. You read my SSN dupe update, right?

Third, I'm conducting a little experiment on the holding power of Orly's Bonder, a rubberized base coat. The first time I used it, my polish went for 7 days with no chips or damage of any kind. So I wanted to use a cheap polish (and this one was cheap--a mere $1.98) to encourage chipping. I know, how unlike me to want a ruined mani!

So. Orly Bonder--but only on five fingers, scattered across both hands. Sally Hansen Hard to Hold, two coats of Blue Moon, and a Sally Hansen Insta-dry top coat (but I still managed to flub it up--huge dent right on my left index finger, gah. I think I need this ridiculous thing. Or this cheaper version). But no wonder. I was watching a very tragic and sad Mizzou football game while I was polishing. I was distracted, ok??

Super bright sunshine: 

Natural bright daylight: 

And then just for fun...

Hello Kitty!
 I love the color, but I can't wait to see how it holds up. And I've already got my eye on the next'll see it in a couple of days. It's pretty special, and I can't wait to show it off!

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