Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Update: Rimmel London Lava Red

This one hit it straight out of the park, friends. Great polish, no touch ups needed all week. I did get a tiny bit bored and so added OPI's Gold Shatter, but still. Awesome ending.

Pretty sure that's a big winner right there. Lookit, hardly an issue. Because I added the shatter I can't honestly say the Rimmel is 100% but I'd give it at least a nine out of ten. For once the bottle didn't lie to me; it says right on it that it lasts up to ten days! That pic is seven days and I'm pretty sure I could do the whole ten and be okay with it. Definitely be picking up some more of these.

I also think this is the shortest, most complaint free update post I've done thus far. lol


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