Friday, November 16, 2012

Rimmel London Lava Red

Since the Prom Queen was a party pooper, I chose this as the replacement. A nice, dark, rich, creamy red. Oooooh. This color is part of Rimmel's Lasting Finish Pro series and the only Rimmel I own. It caught my eye as I was walking past and reeled me right back in. Shades like this are where my heart lies. As it's my first use of any of their products, I'm anxious to see how it goes. It's one of the less expensive brands and if it's any good, I'll buy like 18 million more.

I also BROKE A FRAKKIN' NAIL almost completely to the nail line which means I went ahead and ripped the rest of them off. It looked stupid with that one short nail, I hate that. So, back to the stubby barely there nails again.


Weird green indoor light

Indirect sun
Full sun
Oooooh. :)  Application is pretty great on this. It's got one of those brushes that's trying to be wide and is almost too wide but not quite. Smaller nails were one stroke with no hitting of the edges. Even some of the larger nails were one stroke. Nice and creamy. Two coats here.

Now if you notice that last pic is my right hand, not my usual left. That would be because I put the left hand in the sunlight and it brought out every single streak or gap in the polish. That's totally my fault, I was trying to hurry. At least I got one hand right. And oddly it wasn't my good hand. Huh.

Heart this color, heart the application, can learn to heart the brush and the weirdly long bottle neck that made me almost spill it because I wasn't expecting something quite so big. That's what she said.

Tangent again, I got my last choice from the China Glaze 2012 Christmas collection today, from eBay (cheaper than Ulta), and the seller sent a Ruby Pumps mini. I have the full size but how freakin' adorably cute are the China Glaze minis? LOL I never had one before.


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