Sunday, November 4, 2012

Update: Two Girls, One Imitation on a Starry Starry Night

Just so you guys know, it was SO HARD removing this manicure. Not physically, though-emotionally. It's my first Franken baby, after all. I had some tip wear and growth at the base, but otherwise? Still perfect. Nary a chip to be seen. And I'm not bored with the color yet. I KNOW. Who am I, and what have I done with Dana, she of the short attention span and new nail color two or three times a week??

Ah, the things we do for love, and the blog.

Here's how it looks on day 7: 
this one is the night before removal
This is about 5 minutes before the polish came off, Day 7

I did use Orly Bonder for the base coat, and I have the sneaky suspicion that it is largely responsible for the longevity of the mani. But I have an experiment in the works so I'll let you know how it works out.

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