Sunday, November 11, 2012

DLC Polish 2G1I Comparisons

So the whole week I wore the 2G1I, I was thinking of all of the other polishes I bought to try and fill the SSN void. I thought I'd dig them out and swatch them beside the 2G1I just as a base of comparison. The only down side was that LOL I did it at night so the light isn't great.

But before I get started with that, I want to talk about another aspect of this polish that I briefly touched upon in the original post. When it dries, it's not that shiny. It's almost trying to be a matte finish. And that's not really a bad thing at all.


The left is pre-topcoat, the right is post. See what I mean? It's still an interesting look. But remember, without the topcoat the surface feels mildly rough and gritty, so keep that in mind.

Now on to the bad pictures of color comparisons in poor lighting!

No flash, flash, in that order of course. Polishes used, starting with the left thumb and going straight across:
  • DLC Two Girls, One Imitation (two coats)
  • Orly Angel Eyes (three coats)
  • Cirque Tibetan Nights (two coats)
  • Ulta Blues Cruise (three coats)
  • Sinful Colors Magnetics Polar Opposites (one coat, no magnet used)
  • China Glaze Dorothy Who? (three coats)
  • OPI Absolutely Alice (three coats)
  • OPI DS Fantasy (two coats)
  • OPI DS Magic (three coats)
  • DLC Two Girls, One Imitation (two coats)
In the non-flash, you can pretty clearly tell the difference between them all. In the flash they all look more blue than they actually are, but that brings out some of the different glitters in them. Make sure you click for the zooms to really compare.

The Cirque Tibetan Nights is the closest, for me. They're both very similar, but the DLC has way more silver glitter packed in it while the Cirque has some sparkly bar shaped glitter. The DS Fantasy only seems close because my pictures didn't pic up the holographic but it's also a different shade, more towards navy.


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