Sunday, November 11, 2012

Update: DLC Polish Two Girls, One Imitation

Never did get around to that full sunlight picture. Uncooperative weather. But here's another end of the week natural light shot, just because I like you.

That was as the sun was going down, so a starry night was about to occur. Fitting.

Another light source as well. Bright fluorescents.

Work bathroom ftw
As I said, these are both end of the week photos. So yes, those are both five full days of wear and the first one is actually six. You gotta love a polish that holds up so well. It wasn't all butterflies and bumblebees, I did have a chip or two, and all but one were VERY small. So small that I had an issue getting photos, so I just don't have any. However, as is my habit, both hands:

Nice big gouges in the thumb and middle finger, which I assure you were my own fault. I was doing some heavy lifting and shifting at work and as I was in a bad mood when I did it, I did not pay attention to the manicure. I feel confident in saying that if I had, this would have lasted the whole week with barely a scratch. BRING ON THE DLC POLISHES!!!

I did also resort to using foils to remove. I swiped at one with a cotton ball alone a few times and bang, silver micro glitter all over. Definitely will create a glitter bomb mess.

I've also got to tell you that for the whole week I wore this I got so many compliments and inquiries about it that I'm tempted to wear it again. People were really drawn to it. I swear I'm not padding the truth or being biased in any way. This was even people who had no idea what Starry Starry Night is and some of them didn't even wear polish! Yeah, Dana's my friend but she knows that if it sucked I'd tell her so without hesitation. This isn't a conspiracy.

Go buy her polish. :) 


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