Thursday, November 15, 2012

Update: Etude House Dear My Party Prom Queen

Two days. Yep. Technically it was less than one, I had two very small chips within the first twenty-four hours. But I patched them, and hoped. Nope. You know that seriously unbelievably ridiculously cheap nail polish they market for very little girls? "Now you can paint your nails to match your favorite doll's nails?"

As it's very thin going on, I realized the day after I painted that with three coats I still had visible nail line. You do hafta get up on it to see it, the glitter does a nice job on the camouflage, but it's there. Point is it chips like a thin polish:  it literally breaks right off the nail. Crumbles like a bad plaster job. I could flick my nail and watch pieces of it fall right off. Very brittle.

Do get a good ol' zoom in on that one. Hideous. Definitely goes into the one-day-only-special-occasion bin. Removal was equally as terrible as wear, it was like that Chocolate Empire indie. I used foils. They didn't help much.

It's still a supercute polish. Here, have a picture of it in natural light.

I'd rock it again. Just not for very long.


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