Saturday, November 3, 2012

Update: Cat's Eyes

This was one of the most traumatic manicures I've ever had, I tell you. It was all kinds of love and all kinds of hate rolled into one.

First of all, for as much as I was worried that it looked very childishly drawn, tons of people commented on it. Maybe they were just being nice to me. Who knows. I'll have to practice my line work, though, I think I can do better.

Second, it lasted FOREVER. Truly. I didn't get a single chip until four days after I painted it. You read that right. Four days! It is a China Glaze mani except for those white spots, so I expect it to last, but I did not expect it to go on this long.

The chip on the left of the pointer was the first. The one on the other side was second. Both were caused by me picking at a sticker at work to try and remove it from a plastic tray. I'm certain that if I had not done so, it would not have chipped at all. I have no idea how the middle finger happened.

That night, I fixed those up so I could get through just one more day. It was the last day of my week, I wasn't giving up on it!

Except for the new chip on the right ring finger and left thumb, and the obvious growth at the base of the nails, I think it still looks pretty damn good. That's five days! And I type for a living! You gotta love that! I'm pretty sure a lot of it has to do with the polish, because it's China Glaze and that's good stuff. But I'm also hopeful that it's this new base coat I picked up, and I'll leave it at that. Dana will hook you up on the rest.

You're scratching your head now, aren't you. Why do I hate it then? Because the day after I did this mani I was hoping and praying for it to fall off of my fingers as quickly as possible.

I got this little care package in the mail from Dana, which contains her TOTALLY FREAKING AWESOME STARRY STARRY NIGHT DUPE THAT YOU SHOULD GO BUY BECAUSE IT'S GORGEOUS. I wanted it on my nails as soon as possible so the fates decided to have a giggle at my expense. Which also means that you know what my next mani of the week is. ;-D


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