Friday, June 21, 2013

Swatches: DLC Mainstays Part 1

I figured that while I was trying to show off The Gunslinger collection, trying to get some nice swatches, that I should just go ahead and do all of the store items that I could. These are most of them.

dreamy lacquer company DLC starry starry night dupe hot commodity fantasy fire

First up is Daffodil Days. This is a sky blue jelly filled with green bar, yellow flower, and small white dot glitter meant to represent a field of flowers on a Spring day. This is only two coats, it goes on that well. The only issue I had with it was that the flowers were a bit of a challenge to get on the nail but I think once we add a bit more of them it will be fixed.

dreamy lacquer company DLC daffodil days

O'Charla is a kelly green jelly (kelly jelly...oh yep, I just realized that and will be laughing for a while over it) made for St. Patrick's Day. A friend requested it of Dana and she came through in spades. As it's a jelly, it's thin, so this is three layers. The photo was also taken while the polish is wet because it's way faster for swatching, but this one dries to an almost matte finish. It looks great that way, too, but if you want it shiny you're going to have to top coat.

dreamy lacquer company DLC o'charla

Touch of Gray was difficult for me to photograph properly and catch the color. It's actually a very delicate dove gray with scattered holo glitter, three coats, but as you can see from this pic my lamp drowned it out.

dreamy lacquer company DLC touch of gray

It looks awfully close to Mohaine but I promise that it isn't. The colors are not similar at all and where this has a holo glitter, Mohaine's is silver. Here's another pic with the lamp off:

dreamy lacquer company DLC touch of gray

That's a bit closer to true color but still not all the way there. This is the one I showed in the teaser shot a few days back and that one is actually spot on for the color, so have another look if you missed it.

Fireside Dreams is a polish meant as a loose nod to Max Factor's Fantasy Fire. Dark blue with sparkly red glitter, the only problem is that because it's a jelly it takes at least three coats to get it even which makes it so dark that the glitter is nearly lost in it. You can see it but you have to get up close. This one also dries near matte, so use top coat. It also hates camera flash.

dreamy lacquer company DLC max factor fantasy fire dupe

Three coats and it still looks gappy. It does not look like that in regular light though.

dreamy lacquer company DLC max factor fantasy fire dupe

See? A terrific dark blue but you really gotta work to see that red. It's there, and it will catch the light as you can see in the pic.

Up next is one of my favorites and would have saved me $20 if I had just been patient. I found Essie's Hot Commodity via a saved search on eBay for Starry Starry Night because some savvy-minded seller called it "SSN's cousin" or some such. It's a great looking polish in swatches but as I found out the hard way it doesn't work so well in normal wear. Dana decided to try and mimic but improve and I don't mind telling you I think she sank Essie's battleship with this one. If Hot Commodity is SSN's cousin, Red Ticket Item is its sister.

dreamy lacquer company DLC hot commodity red ticket item

Speaking of that most elusive, my final one today is the one that got this polish party started. If you haven't read the history of DLC and care to find out, travel back in time to here, here, then here and here. Two Girls, One Imitation is probably the closest I'll ever get to owning Starry Starry Night and because it's done so well, I'm completely okay with that. This is another you'll need top coat for and that hates flash as well.

Dreamy Lacquer company DLC Starry Starry night SSN dupe two girls one imitation

But who cares because LOOK AT THAT. It's delicious. One without flash:

Dreamy Lacquer company DLC Starry Starry night SSN dupe two girls one imitation

And still looking divine. Every time I wear this I get people seeing that sparkle from several feet away and commenting on it.

So that's that for my first installment. There are a few others in the store but I haven't had a chance to get to them yet. I will though, no worries. You can also see that some of the bottles and labels are older versions but you will receive the rounds with the sparkly holo labels. Now stop reading and start buying! ;)


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