Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Dark Tower Collection

Here at Dreamy Lacquer Company, we’re big fans of reading in general, but of course we have our favorites. One story we particularly love is the Dark Tower series, written by the incomparable Stephen King.

The Dark Tower is one of the things Jess and I discovered we had in common, many years ago when we first met online. We've read and re-read and talked the story seemingly into the ground, yet neither of us ever seems to grow bored with it. So when I started making my own nail polish, creating a series of Dark Tower polishes was the most natural step in the world for me. When I mentioned it to Jess, I could not have asked for more enthusiasm or affirmation, and maybe even some goosebumps. And I could never have created this collection without her input, ideas, critiques, and support.

Drawing inspiration from Mr, King’s “magnum opus”, Dreamy Lacquer Company is proud to present our DT nail lacquer collection.

To begin at the beginning, we give you The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger, interpreted in nail lacquer. I hope you love it as much as we do.

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