Sunday, June 30, 2013

Update: DLC Preacher Woman

I don't know what this girl does to her polish but I wish everyone else would take her lead. How is it that a one-woman hand mixing operation in a small Midwest town USA can make a polish that lasts so well but big name companies can't?

I'm sure there are some of you out there reading this thinking I'm biased and lying somehow just so she sells more bottles. I can't convince you that's not true. The only way you'd ever find out for yourself is to buy some. I'm biased. I freely admit that. But I'm definitely not lying. If it were crap, I wouldn't promote it.

It's not crap.

Now I believe I mentioned that I'm out of practice on handling my regular blog posts after the whole month of going without, and I promised you a sunlight shot in the same place. Well you get sunlight shots, but you don't get both hands because I completely forgot to grab the right one. I usually take the sun shots in my bedroom window but there happens to be an air conditioner in it with the curtains sort of taped to it so lol the sun just never comes in there anymore. Not until September anyhow. But here you go. One week after painting.

There's hardly even any tip wear on this, guys. After a whole week! That's just unheard of.

I'm not going to sit here and tell you it was all sunshine and roses, no. It did not get off to a great start. On the very first day both of my thumbs on the outside and that pointer there on the inside all chipped. They were small, but they were there and that was enough to worry me. If you zoom in, you'll see the remnants on that thumb. Barely. Because I fixed it, top coated, and by god if that was the only time I had a problem all week. It was ridiculous in the best way.

Also on this one because of all the glitter the removal is a nightmare. LOL It was terrible. I did about three nails with just a cotton ball and it sucked. Busted out the foils and it was much better but the glitter really didn't want to let go. So definitely use your pure acetone and foils on this.

Other than that, just wow. That's completely biased and completely not a lie. It's a great polish.

Go shop!


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