Wednesday, July 3, 2013

FNUG Hipsters with special guest, Goodie Bag

A month or so ago, I entered a contest on Facebook being run by Charlotte from FNUG, which was a giveaway for the Summer 2013 collection. I don't remember what the requirements were, because I am such a nail polish hoarder that I throw my name in the hat for too many contests to count.

Imagine my surprise when Jess texted me (and I quote), "DANA DANA DANA OMG YOU WON YOU WON THAT FNUG CONTEST GO CLAIM GO CLAIM". No punctuation, all caps. I hurried to Facebook and claimed my prize. Which arrived last week--the day after my birthday, incidentally--a totally coincidental, slightly belated but much anticipated gift from Denmark. I went to work with a big ole smile on my face, unpacked my goodies in the car, and carried them inside to drool.

Here's your turn to drool:

Look at how pretty they are. In addition to the 5 summer colors, I also received a bottle of the iGel top coat! I hadn't been able to get my hands on any of that yet, despite my best effort, so I was even more excited than I was on the day I found out I won. But my nails were busy rocking the Essie Sunday Funday (for which I still owe you an update--it's coming, I promise) so I didn't get to dive into these as soon as I wanted. Then I spent the weekend camping, and who does their nails for camping?!? Well, fine, ok, I do. I popped on two coats of that gorgeous pink up there, ran out of time and neglected both top coat and photos. Oops.

Enter Monday. Back to life, back to reality. I needed a bright nail color to get me through my evening at work. Believe me, it helps! Two coats of Hipsters, one coat of the iGel, and off to work I went. Left photos, natural indirect light. Right photos, flash.

All night long, every time I looked at my nails, I heard in my head the chorus of a song I don't even like all that well...which you can listen to at your own risk if you want.

Then I told Jess what this color reminds me of, and suggested a way to make it even more accurate. I was joking.

And then she said "I DARE YOU."

So...with an appearance by special guest FNUG Goodie Bag...a very John Deere french manicure.

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