Monday, July 22, 2013

Updates and Other Stuff

Hello! Yes, it's been a while since I was here. Jess has been doing such a superlative job that I've just stood back and let her do it! And, I've been super-busy with summer time family stuff, work, and DLC. Ok, so that's no excuse, but it's what I've got :o)

First off, about a hundred years ago, I promised you an update to the Essie Sunday Funday. It was such a lovely color, even if it did give me lobster claws. I had some chipping and tip wear--more than the usual, but nothing so horrible I had to replace the polish within the requisite 4-5 days I expect nail polish to be tolerable. I wore it for about 4 days before I gave up on it. Although not because the chips were that bad! Instead I was stricken with one of the worst cases of bubbled nail polish I've ever had. The polish went on great the first day, but the next morning was Bubble Central. There were so many, the polish was practically both textured and polka dotted. Let's just say I was not pleased and took it off long before I thought about pictures.

Up next was my FNUG John Deere mani. It was cute, and I had no issues with it, but it only stayed on for a couple of days. Because the Fourth of July was that week and I changed it out for a festive holiday mani! OPI's Affair in Red Square with an accent nail of OPI's Eurso Euro topped with Pure Ice's Freedom, a festive glitter topcoat of red and blue sparkly glitter with silver stars. Very patriotic! I dragged that puppy out, too. I finally took it off after 10 days...chock full of chips, peeled glitter, and all, but I was camping that weekend and had no time or inclination to do anything about it before we left town on Friday. Also, no pictures, because it was just plain awful by the time I got it cleaned up.

Then I did a couple of fun manicures back-to-back using Dreamy Lacquer Co's The Lady of Shadows with Hit Polish in Dreamer of Dreams:

followed by Dreamy Lacquer Co's Death (But Not For You) with Hit Polish's Irisation:

After that one, I went with Layla Hologram Effect in Ocean Rush. This was a gorgeous polish, but it went on super-thin and I had some peeling problems. I lost the polish off three nails in two days. I repaired them but didn't have time to topcoat the repairs...and the polish rubbed off over the next two days. So...gorgeous color but far from my favorite holo polish. Here's a photo of the hand that had no problems (I didn't take any of the after. I was anxious to get it removed and forgot).

And...that's it. Now we're all caught up, except for what's drying on my nails as we speak. Eventually, you will get to see my current mani, Layla Softouch Effect in #10 Turquoise Splash. Thanks for reading!

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