Friday, July 5, 2013

OPI Goldeneye over DLC Vision of Cosmic Importance

Which is not what this started out as. I had this fancy schmancy idea to do some sort of a gold and purple thing which just got too complicated for me to figure out. Because I'm not that talented. I originally pictured some sort of jester pattern, which I just texted Dana to ask her what it's really called. Harlequin, you guys. The logistics of it just weren't coming together, especially since I don't have a stamp and am terrible at freehand still, so it didn't happen.

See where I just said I'm terrible at freehand? Didn't stop me.

I used the DLC and Cirque's Trousseau in my first attempt because the Cirque was the first gold I came across in my stash. Now, it's a great polish and I really like it, but it did not work well for this. And you get a righty shot because I had just cleaned up some potential hangnails and got carried away with them on the left hand.

See what I mean about my freehand skills? They're nonexistent. Also the Cirque is a very thick consistency and did not spread well at all. I can also still see through it, and that up there is two coats. I was going to try and live with it and just kept looking at it all the next day at work and being annoyed with it. So as soon as I got home I took it all off and started fresh.

I also busted out the striping tape. Which is so annoying to work with, I get easily frustrated because it takes me forever to get it placed and then I just cant ever seem to get clean lines when I take it off. It's still better than doing freehand lol.

See? Much better. I'm also still working on my photography skills, so here's a Glamour Shot.

My lines are still crooked but that color combination is so eye-catching I've gotten over the bad parts. I actually had several people ask me if it was a gel polish, how much I paid for acrylics, and where I got them done. :)


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