Sunday, July 21, 2013

Update: Zoya Zara

I tell ya, I need to stop using Seche Vite. I just can't figure out why people say it's such a great product. It shrinks like everything I use it on horrendously. I'm going to post the picture of this and you had best bear in mind that I only wore it for three days and that I used SV to speed dry it. The sad thing is I still have two more bottles of it I need to use up. After that I don't think I'll ever buy it again.

And how on earth did I think these pics were in focus when I took them?

I must have been half asleep or something because wow, those are awful lol. Can't even take new ones, it's already removed.

There is one chip, on the right thumb. Happened on the third and final day. The tip wear is mostly due to the SV, I swear. It was a nice polish. The bottle and the prior shots promised a multicolor scatter of micro glitter but it spent its time being almost always gold. Gee, I wonder why that sounds so familiar and why I grabbed that one of all the ones I have? ;)

Pay attention to where I said micro glitter up there because yeah, if you don't remove this properly it gets everywhere. I didn't use full foils but acetone held for a bit and one swipe removal were enough. You don't want to end up having to scrub at this one.


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