Monday, June 17, 2013

Update: bL Nail Fertilizer Week 3

Gosh I'm being boring, aren't I? Sorry sorry, it's all for the best, I promise.

First, week three was more of week two. It was just about the same. The nails do seem a bit stronger, they don't bend as much, and they're certainly not breaking or splitting. I do still have a few cracks here and there but my nails will be long enough to file most of those out by the time this is all said and done.

If you look real close at the middle finger on the right side you'll see some of the peely crackiness I'm talking about. You'll also see some color I missed with the remover, which makes a nice segue.

I already dropped the hint on facebook a day or so ago, so if you're a fan there you're already aware. Hey! If you're not a fan there well why not?! Go like the page, we post more stuff there than we do here. It's faster. Even our twitter gets more stuff!

Anyhow, I did my very first professional (I hope) swatching session this weekend. About 14 hours spread across two days. It was interesting, learned a lot, figured a lot of stuff out on my own. Mostly guesswork. LOL I hope they turned out well, you'll see them shortly. They're for the DLC shop, of course, so if you were waiting to see swatches of all the polishes there you're about to be done waiting.

In the meantime, for those of you who aren't on our facebook, have a typical me teaser shot:

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