Monday, June 24, 2013

Essie: Sunday Funday

Essie makes some really fun colors, and this summer's collection is no exception. I ordered them from a couple of weeks ago--all of them except the apple-green one, which did not ring my bell whatsoever. And I wasn't sure at first why I got Sunday Funday, because historically this kind of pastel bright coral makes me look unhealthy. The tone just works against my very fair, pink toned complexion, and so while I adore the color, I usually avoid it like the plague.

Which I explained to Jess a couple of nights ago. And basically got a reply along the lines of, "Who cares, wear it anyway!"

And so I did :)

First set of photos with flash, second set without. It's the typical Essie formulation. Smooth, easy to use, decent coverage, not too thick or thin. This one's got a little bit of a shimmer buried in there. And I ended up with a little bubbling, because I guess I got impatient.* It's two coats, when I probably should have done three to avoid a little bit of visible nail line. It also gives me a little bit of the dreaded lobster claw. It's pretty though, don't you think?

*This is actually my second day in a row using this color. When Jess told me two days ago to do it anyway, I immediately polished...and the next day, I poured a bunch of nail polish and managed to ruin my nails. Not while mixing or pouring, oh no. During clean-up. Of course. Just when I thought I was home free!

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