Monday, June 3, 2013

Update: bL Nail Fertilizer Week 1

Well that's a hard act to follow. lol I do not have my very own bottles of DLC's The Gunslinger polishes yet but let me tell you...I can't freakin' WAIT to get them. I been waiting weeks until the whole set was finished, I'm dying to get my hands on it. Rest assured that as soon as I do I will be swatching like mad, it will be the most I've ever done before. I usually leave such things to Dana but in this case there's no way I'm not going to try them all out.

In light of this, I am very pleased I spent a week with the butter LONDON Nail Fertilizer. It really seems to be working.

I have a picture but it doesn't really show much. Again it's just my unusually yellow looking nails with a clear coat on them. Why is it that the camera makes them look so much more yellow than they look to me?

Click for the larger size of this, it's hilarious. Bubbles all over, bad edges, I'm pretty sure there's some dirt or something in there, and I was not kidding about that Cat Hair mani. It's great. By the end of the week the polish was on there so thick it actually almost felt like I was wearing acrylics. It also started taking a lot longer to dry by the fourth or fifth day so I had pressure marks as well. I did have one peeling event, on the pointer of my right hand (which is obviously not shown here).

Removal was only a pain because it's clear so I kept missing parts of it and had to keep going back. I didn't even do a good job after all that anyhow because as you've probably guessed by the post title being "week 1" that I'm going for another week.

Before I started I had a few small spots on the sides of a few tips where peeling and hence breaking was imminent. I know my nails and could see it was going to happen. I also had a bunch of surface peeling that I usually buff off, but I always get carried away and thin out my nails too much so they break anyhow. That's why I had to cut them all off the last time.

When I removed this, those issues were almost gone. I checked. Closely. Even the right pointer where the polish peeled didn't seem to have an issue. I then doused them repeatedly in cuticle oil and let 'em rest for about 12 hours. After that I filed them into shape. So again, they're shorter now, but they're shaped up the way I like 'em. The thing about that is usually when I file so much off I get a lot of peeling there, too, and it doesn't take that long. This time? It really was like they were harder and stronger. I had none of those issues. It almost seemed like the darn things didn't want to be filed at all. I checked my file quite a few times thinking that perhaps it was wearing out but that was not the case.

So! So far, buy this. I'm happy enough with the results that the second week is a go and probably even the whole month. Which will be so odd because I haven't been without nail polish that long in ages. In the end, I think it will be worth it though.


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