Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Swatches: DLC The Gunslinger Collection

Fair warning, this one is going to be high on the picture count.

Dreamy Lacquer Company DLC Dark Tower Gunslinger

Now comes the time when we show off some swatches of the new collection so you get a better idea what you're buying. Which you definitely need to do. Buy. And so hey, you can do that here.

First up we have The Man in Black, a black jelly with silver micro glitter. This is three coats.

Dreamy Lacquer Company DLC Dark Tower Gunslinger man in black

The Gunslinger, two coats. Meant to be used as a glitter top coat, but would build up to opacity with probably one more coat. When I first used it I had to text Dana to ask her if there was some sort of a white or yellow tiny glitter in it. It's yellow and super fine. I thought it was bubbles! lol

Dreamy Lacquer Company DLC Dark Tower Gunslinger

Mohaine is the "apotheosis of all deserts." That's a phrase that always stuck with me, mostly because I love the word apotheosis. One I don't get to use often. This is a very light off white with a bit of sparkle, three coats, to resemble desert hardpan that's been baking in the sun for possibly millennium. My lamp pulls it closer to my skin tone than it actually is.

Dreamy Lacquer Company DLC Dark Tower Gunslinger mohaine

In the books, Devil Grass resembles marijuana most closely in that it's a highly addictive drug from what appears to be a weed, only it's far more sinister. Most start out smoking it, then move to chewing (called weed-eaters, of course). Even just burning it for a fire can be dangerous if you watch the resulting flames. This polish is a delicate shade of green with two colors of green flecks that looks so deceptively innocent. Three coats.

Dreamy Lacquer Company DLC Dark Tower Gunslinger devil grass

Guns of My Father is meant to represent those that Roland inherits from his, the Big Irons that only true Gunslingers carry. It was going to stay a silver but as they're so often referred to as having sandalwood grips, those were included by giving it a gold overtone. You heard that right. It's silver with a gold overtone. I don't know about you but I never heard of such a thing much less imagined it was possible. Three coats.

dreamy Lacquer Company DLC Dark Tower Gunslinger guns of my father

Preacher Woman was a last minute addition to the collection and, surprisingly, my favorite of them all. I almost always go for darker colors so I was fully expecting to want The Man in Black the most. When I first saw a swatch of this, it took over my mind for like three days, no lie. I couldn't wait to get this on. A nice creamy white with all sorts of different shades of brown glitter. Sylvia Pittston is a psycho, but she looks beautiful in polish. Two coats.

dreamy Lacquer Company DLC Dark Tower Gunslinger preacher woman

The Slow Mutants are once humans that have been exposed to radiation and now live in dark places, mostly caves and tunnels, where they've evolved and adapted to those surroundings. So of course they glow in the dark, a nice bright green. How much do I love the glow-in-the-dark stuff? It's a lifelong obsession. This first is three coats of the polish by itself.

dreamy Lacquer Company DLC Dark Tower Gunslinger slow mutants

With two coats over a base white:

dreamy Lacquer Company DLC Dark Tower Gunslinger slow mutants

And now how it glows:

dreamy Lacquer Company DLC Dark Tower Gunslinger slow mutants

A note here. I put it over white just for giggles. I noticed that when worn over a base color, the glow isn't nearly as bright as without. Figure that one out.

And finally, a Vision of Cosmic Importance references just how small we are in the actual scheme of things. An atom on a blade of grass which, on its home world, is purple. A very lovely jelly. When I put the first coat on I didn't think it was going to reach opacity as quickly as it did. This is three coats and you'll need them. I think it could stand to have a fourth coat since visible nail line annoys me most of the time.

dreamy Lacquer Company DLC Dark Tower Gunslinger vision of cosmic importance

So there you have it, the very first collection from Dreamy Lacquer Company. The formulas on all of these were very good, smooth application. Vision, Slow Mutants, and Man in Black are thin so you have to be careful with them, but that's typical of jellies. All of these are also without top coat. You really should take yourself over to the store and buy some. Or all. There's a collection set just for that purpose! ;)



  1. Very nice. I like to see what they look like on the fingernail. I have a hard time "seeing" what it will really look like in the bottle. :) Looks good ladies.

    1. Thank you! I have a hard time with bottle colors as well. I'm constantly asking for a swatch to the point of annoyance, I'm sure. A lot of times they don't translate from the bottle to the nail in the same way.

  2. I like them on the nail, too, but Jess has better nails than I do 90% of the time so I left the mixing to me and the swatching to her :)

    1. It's better that way. I have no eye for color and this at least lets me help somehow lol.