Sunday, June 23, 2013

Update: bL Nail Fertilizer Week 4

Last one. Because according to the directions I'm not supposed to use it for at least a month now.

What do I think of it? Honestly, I've never used a treatment like this before. I used to just deal with whatever happened to my nails and moved on. I've never really tried to get them looking all nice and shapely and, let's be honest, photogenic. I only did this so that I could try and take nice pictures for the shop. So I have no basis for comparison.

Are my nails stronger? They seem to be, yes. They're more tough, less likely to bend, peel or break. At the length I have them now I should usually have at least two that have already snapped off.

Now I did break one, and I did it just two days ago. In the past when this has happened, that's the whole nail gone. This time, it broke small and was easily fixed. So I can say that sure, it seems to have worked.

Looking generally pretty and even. Almost. I got some more work to do on 'em.

The only two down sides to this that I can see are that one, you have to do it for a whole month. One coat a day for a month. Now I did it without polish, obviously, but it says you can do it under your lacquer. Every day. So you have to take the color off to reapply this. And then put color back on. Which...yeah, not gonna happen every damn day. You can slap a layer on as a base coat and let it go for the week but that's not how they want you to really use it.

The second thing is cost. Regular price for this is $20. For one bottle. You know how much I used in a month?

Basically one bottle is a two month supply. I suppose that's worth it since it works and if you have cruddy nails, but yeah.

I would probably buy it again. Unless I found something else that works better, and not necessarily cheaper either.

I CAN'T FREAKING WAIT TO PAINT MY NAILS!! It's a good thing my nails are stronger now though.


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